The Connect user interface explained

The Connect client is divided in four main windows, in addition to having optional side panels. You can adjust the height of the windows yourself. Below is an overview of the client and main windows.

Side panels
Side panels are windows that can be opened and activated by need, or if your company’s solution requires it. Most side panels can alternatively be opened as separate windows if you prefer that. The following features are available as side panels in your client, and can be activated/deactivated in the clients menu.

  • Dialogs – Enables you to manage your chat and social media requests.
  • Enquiry registration – Enables you to register what the request is about.
  • Knowlegebase – Enables you to search for frequently asked questions, to recieve answers from a predefined knowlegebase solution.
  • Contact details – Shows contact details for chosen contact in a side panel instead of below the search result. This side panel is not available in the web client.