The Queue Window

In the queue window you can see the queue overview, queue details and information about ongoing and missed calls.

Queue overview

The queue overview is automatically updated every 15 seconds and normally shows one row per queue and a set of columns. What information is shown is decided during the set-up but the default values are the following:

  • Queue: The name of the queue
  • Queued: The number of requests that currently are in a queue (including those who have ordered call-back)
  • Max wait time: Longest waiting time of a request in the queue
  • Agents: How many agents are logged on to the queue
    •  How many agents in status Ready are answering the queue 
    •  How many agents are in status Connecting, Connected, Wrap up, and No Answer
    •  How many agents in status pause
  • Offered: Number of requests offered to agents in this queue today
  • Answered: Number of requests answered today
  • SLA Score: SLA Score of the queue
  • Answer %: Answered requests/Offered requests
  • Answer % SLA: Answer percent within SLA Sore
  • Callback: If the call is a callback

To personalize your client view you can move the column-headings sideways in order to change their order.

Queue details

In queue details, you can find information about each request in queue. Columns displayed as default are:

  • Queue: Name of the queue that the request is waiting in
  • SLA Score: SLA on the request
  • Number: The caller’s number
  • Wait time: The wait time of the request, so far.

Personal queue

Requests can be placed in your personal queue by a) you transferred them there yourself by clicking on the “Personal queue” button, or b) because an agent transferred a request to you while you were busy.

To answer a request placed in your personal queue, select the “Personal Queue” tab and click on the relevant request's row. The request will eventually move from the queue window to the requests window and soon your phone should start ringing.

If there are many requests in queue and you continuously are being allocated, it can be difficult to prioritize requests from your personal queue. A workaround is to change your status to “Pause”, click on the request from your personal queue and change your status back to “Ready”.

Ongoing calls

In “Ongoing calls”, you can see a list of all requests being answered by all agents in the contact center, including yourself.

Missed calls

Calls that have been waiting in one of the queues without being answered by an agent are shown in the “Missed Calls” window. As default you will see missed calls for the queues you can answer requests from (varies with the profile you log on with). You can filter calls by clicking on the dropdown menu and choosing a specific queue or time-period. You can also filter calls by entering a date or a specific telephone number in the “Filter” field. The number of missed calls displayed is 50.

To call back a missed call, click on the call and then the Call out button. When you have performed a call-back, the call will be marked in italics and in light grey so that other agents can see that the call has been dealt with.

You can tag a missed call in order to handle it yourself later. This is done by selecting the request, right mouse click and choosing “Process”. Now the missed call is tagged by you and other agents can see this. You can also remove a missed call from the list, or reset the tag.