Enquiry Registration

Enquiry registration is a feature enabling agents to register the reasons for the requests. With this information, your company’s supervisor or administrator can easily fetch statistical reports showing all registrations from all agents and getting an overview of the most common types of requests. This feature can be displayed as a side panel or a separate window.

The supervisor or administrator creates the categories and topics for the enquiry registration, as well as determine if a category should support more than one choice. Categories with checkbox’ indicate more than one choice, while radio buttons indicates only one choice. When you receive a new request, a new empty Enquiry registration window will appear, if configured by Intelecom. The media type (phone, e-mail, chat, etc.) is pre-defined based on the request.

By clicking on the + button in the Enquiry registration window you can create a new and empty registration form. This is useful when making a registration for a request that you have received/made but it did not go through the Connect platform ( e.g. a customer calls your phone directly). Here you must define the media type (phone, email etc.) at the bottom of the registration yourself. The difference between an automatically generated registration and a manually generated registration is that the latter is not supported in Intelecoms raw data and some statistical reports. Manually generated registrations can by Intelecom be disabled by removing the + button.

If you did not a finish the Enquiry registration for a request before you receive a new request, a new tab is created for the Enquiry registration for the new request. You can at any time move back to the previous tab to finish the registration of the former request. Forced registration can be enabled, denying new requests before the previous request is registered.

Dialer feedback registration

If you have a Dialer feature activated, the solution can be set up to include three additional elements in the enquiry registration window.

  • Category and topics for feedback. This looks like another category in enquiry registration, but is reserved for registering the outcome of outbound Dialer calls.
  • Reschedule: If the outbound Dialer call needs to be rescheduled, you can order it to a specific date and time.
  • Comment: You can add a comment describing the outcome or content of the call. This information is shown in the client when the rescheduled call is made.