Desktop or Web-Based Agent Application?

There are two versions of the agent application: desktop-based and web-based.

Desktop Application
The desktop application is available on our download site, and is downloaded as an installable .msi file on your computer. The desktop application can only be installed on a PC, and does not support Mac or other types of computers.

Web Application
The web aplication is available through your computers internet browser on, and does not require any installation. The web application supports Mac and other computers, since it only requires an internet browser.

Your manager probably has a guideline on your company's preferred version. Feature wise, the two are quite similar, but there are some exceptions. Among others, the web application does not support Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Outlook as integrated contact search sources. On the other hand, the desktop application does not support Softphone.

Below is an overview over the main features supported and not supported in the two clients:


IVR Desktop Client Web Client
Access number handling
Time routing (static & user controlled)
Audio messages (static & user controlled)
Callback from voice
Callback from web
VIP List lookup (list upload through FTP)
External lookup
User controlled routing
Conditional based routing 
Area routing
Call Flow
Basics Desktop Client Web Client
Media type Voice
- Softphone  
Media type E-mail
Media type Chat
Media type Social Media
Media type SMS
Media type Fax
Skill based routing
SLA based routing
Call transfer
Consultation call
Put caller on hold
Call out
Call Blending / Dialer
Web services
Desktop toolbar agent status indication  
Menu & Misc Desktop Client Web Client
Settings (password, language, edit profile)
- Call Out Options
Send logs  
Contact details in side panel  
Ticker service  
Ticker queue Shown in queue-overview
Ticker agent
Log on warning (expired password)
Log off warning (few agents left)
Enquiry Registration
Client Whitelabeling  
Requests Desktop Client Web Client
Screen popup
- Commands in Screen popup (last calls, limited search, CRM note field, positioning)  
CRM popup Web Based
CRM popup Client Based (.Net integration)  
Copy 2 Clipboard  
Send SMS
- Send SMS to multiple recipients (plus-button)  
Send e-mail
- Send e-mail to multiple recipients (plus-button)  
My Log
- Pick calls in "My calls" Log
Recording Censor
Contacts Desktop Client Web Client
Employees Contacts Search (through Catalog)
- Calendar information
- Phone device status (through Presence HUB)
Outlook Contacts Search (through Outlook Client)  
Skype for Business Contacts Search (through Skype for Business Client)  
Sametime Contacts Search (through Sametime Client)  
Services Search (queues/menues in solution)
Agents Search (agents in solution)
Customers Search (through imported contact list)
Auto search in source based on callers number
Search result hit number in Contacts menu tabs  
Possibility for customized search source (.Net integration)  
Queues Desktop Client Web Client
Queue overview
- Transfer to agent in details view
Queue details
- Color details in "Queue details"  
Personal queue
Ongoing calls overview
Missed calls overview
- Pick calls in "Missed calls" overview