Logging on

Open the Puzzel Client as a PC application (desktop client), or in your web browser (web client) and enter your logon credentials, followed by clicking on the “Logon” button.

Contact your administrator if you don’t have any of this this information. If it is the first time you log on, you may not yet have received a password. If so, just click on the “Forgot password / Need password” text at the bottom of the login window, and follow the procedure. This feature is only possible if your user account is registered with your e-mail address or mobile phone number.

After having logged in to the client, you must also log on to the queues in able to receive requests. This is done in the status field at the top of the client by first entering the phone number that you want to log on with (and receive calls to), and choose the profile you want to log on with (given that you have more than one profile to choose between). Finally click “Logon” to become available and ready.


After the login, your status field should look like this and you are ready to receive requests.

To log off the queues, just click on the status button and choose “Logoff”.

Logging out of the client or closing the client does not log you off the queues and you will still receive requests to your telephone if your status was “Ready” when you closed the client. If you do not want to receive requests on your phone after logging out of the client or closing it, be sure to log off the queues first.

Logon with Softphone (only available in the web-client with Chrome browser)

If you have access to log on with Puzzel Softphone, you can choose this in the status field.

Softphone is embedded in the client, and replaces the external phone used to log on with. When logging on with softphone, the client utilizes internet to carry the conversations through your web browser with WebRTC technology. Softphone uses the audio settings in the browser, combined with a headset and microphone connected to your computer, for handling the calls.

Softphone is only supported in the web client through Chrome browsers. Softphone is not supported in the desktop client.

Logon via your telephone (backdoor)

You can also log on to the Agent Application via a telephone “backdoor”. This does not involve using the client at all, only your phone. The “backdoor” comes in handy if you do not have access to your client, have lost your internet access, or if you are out of the office. See separate document for a more detailed description of the backdoor.

The backdoor service number to call depends on the country your service belongs to.

  • Norwegian services: +47 815 11 565 
  • Swedish services: +46 (0)770 456 811 
  • Danish services: +45 70 80 75 55 
  • UK services: +44 (0)203 426 5999

You can call from any phone. When calling the backdoor service number, you are met by an automatic voice guide prompting you to enter the following information with your telephone keypad:

  • Enter your customer number (same as for the client) 
  • Enter your agent ID (numeric ID defined in your user account) 
  • You are logged off/on/in pause (current status is read) 
  • Press x to log on/off/pause (menu choice dependent upon your status) 
  • Enter profile number (only if you log on and you have more than one profile) 
  • Enter your telephone number (only if you log on)

After each state, you must confirm by pressing the # button on your telephone key pad.