Agent status explained

The Status field is where you enter your telephone number, choose your preferred profile and log on to the queues. When logged on it also shows you the status you have right now and which profile you are logged on with. The agent status’ you can have are:

In pause
Logged on but not ready         
Logged off


It is only when in “Ready” status you can receive requests from the queues you are logged on to. For pause, choose the “Pause” status or one of the pause reasons (optional).

System status

Connect will also assign you a system status that changes depending on your activity. 

System status



You are logged on and ready to receive requests.


Connect has sent a request to you but you have not answered the phone nor accepted the request.


You are talking to a caller or have accepted a request in Connect and not clicked finished.


Connect changes your status to Wrap-up for X seconds (configurable) after you have ended a call. You can change your status to Ready whenever you want.


If your phone gives out a busy tone (you are on an outgoing call/ someone called you one your direct phone) or you have rejected a request (email, social media etc.) your status will change to Busy. Your status will also change to Busy if your have reached the limit on how many chats you can answer simultaneously. You will have this status for X seconds (normally 0-30) and then your status will automatically change to Ready.

 No answer 

If you do not answer a request from a Connect queue or an agent before X seconds (configured by your administrator) your status will automatically change to No answer. You have this status for X seconds (normally 1-30).


Agent is logged on, but is in pause (with or without a pause reason)


The system statuses Connected, Wrap-up and No answer do not apply to chat requests. The number in parentheses in the clients title bar shows how many active chat dialogues you have.