The menu

The client has a menu in the top left corner of the client. The menu gives you the option to adjust the client’s functionality and appearance. You can among others edit your profile, activate side panels, and check out your Ticker (statistics) information.

Under the menu icon you will find a comprehensive menu for different settings for Connect. Click on the icon and the menu options will become visible. There are two main sub-menues, "Options" and "View".


Under “Options” you can change the main settings for your user, like edit your account and change your password. We recommend that you add your e-mail address or mobil phone number for a better and more secure password retrieval, if needed. It is not possible to change the username or numeric ID through the client

In the “Notifications” tab, you can configure your settings for sound, popup details and search behavior.


Under “View”, you can manage elements regarding what to see and how to see it.

In “Dialogs” you can choose how you want your Dialog window (for receiving chat or social media requests) to appear, as a side panel in the client or as a separate window.

"Ticker" is a statistics-element that gives you an overview of your performance today and so far this week. You can choose to see Ticker-information on a Service- Agent- or Queue level. The values in "Ticker" are updated automatically every 30 second.

In the web-client the “Ticker Agent” information is available as a tab in the navigation bar on the left side of the Client and not in the menu. “Ticker Queue” information is regarded as available in the queue overview, and “Ticker Service” is not available.

Enquiry Registration

In “Enquiry Registration”, you can choose if the enquiry registration panel appears as a separate window or as a side panel on the client itself.

In the web-client you can only have enquiry registration as a side panel.


Contact Details

In “Contact Details”, you can decide if you want contact information to appear in a side panel, instead of below the search result. You can decide this individually for the contact information- information and services- or calendar field. If you choose to show the calendar field in the side panel, you will also be able to toggle between day and week view.


Contact details as a side panel is not available in the web-client


Edit Profile

It is possible to let you edit one of your queue-profiles yourself, in able to have a more dynamic approach to which queues to log on to. If configured you will, for this particular profile, be able to add and remove queues and edit your skill-levels.

Callout options
Some companies manage more than one access number, and want to choose which one to show when calling out from Connect. This can be set up as a choice in the menu. The number you choose will appear on the recipient telephone.


Under “Help” you are given some options to solve some of the issues you might experience using the client.

Send logs

By clicking on “Send logs” your email client will open, creating a new email contains Intelecom’s Support e-mail address and with Connect logs attached. Click "Send" and the logs are sent to Intelecom Support team.

Check for updates

In “Check for updates”, the system can check whether there are newer versions of the client available or not. If a newer version is available, you are given a link to the Intelecom download-page where you can download the latest version.


In ”Shortcuts” you are given an overview of all the short keys in the client.


In “Performance” you can activate/deactivate certain client features which increase/decrease your PC processor usage. If you are having performance issues with Connect on your computer, you can uncheck these options. These options are mostly intended for PC’s with older operating systems or old hardware, and agents running on Citrix or other client-based Windows operating system.


Here you can see information about the version of the installed client.

Logout client

If you select “Logout client”, you will be logged out of the client and returned to the logon screen for the client. If you select “Close”, you will be logged out of the client and it will close down completely.


Logging out of the client or closing the client does not log you off the queues and you will still receive requests to your telephone if your status was “Ready” when you closed the client. If you do not want to receive requests on your phone after logging out of the client or closing it, be sure to log off the queues first.