The contract is signed. What happens now?

After the contract is signed a Solution Implementation Manager (SIM) takes over the responsibility from the Key Account Manager (KAM). The SIM is end to end accountable for the implementation of the project and embracing both the role as a Solution Architect and Project Manager.

Start-up meeting

First the SIM will arrange a “Start-up meeting” with you where he or she will present a suggestion for a project plan with a time line. And based on the modules selected by you the SIM will inform you about the expected input and effort from your side in the project. The last thing to do in the start-up meeting is to set a date for a workshop and training.


In the workshop the SIM will make a high-level design of your future Connect solution based on your selected modules and input. There are many details you need to decide in the implementation process and we always aim for deciding as many as possible in the first workshop to secure a quick and high-quality implementation.  After the workshop the SIM will send over the design and you will have some days to agree and comment on that. When you have decided on the design the SIM and a project team will implement the Connect Solution and perform internal testing.


After the solution is build the SIM will conduct training for you and your team. We have three different training programs: Agent training, Administrator Training and Call Flow Tool training.

Agent Training: Training for all Connect users where the agent learns how to use the Connect client

Administrator Training: Training for all administrators where we show how to administrate agents, read statistics, and perform simple changes to the solution e.g. change sound files and time modules.

Call Flow Tool Training: For the customers that wish to manage their own call flow we offer training in Call Flow Tool. Here you learn how to change the flow to your solution in a graphical view.

Testing and approval

When the training is completed you are requested to test and approve that the solution is built as agreed in the design document.


Once you have started using your new solution the SIM will hand over all relevant documentation to our Support Team which will then take over the responsibility for your solution. They will also be your primary contact for requests regarding your existing solution. Requests may be submitted to our Support Team through the help center, by phone or you may contact us through our chat solution. Either way, we are eager to help with any issue or question you may have.

If you want to add additional modules or functionality to your solution you may contact your Key Account Manager.

Our Support Team consists of highly skilled technicians and engineers with years of experience on our solutions. We are located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and UK so when contacting us you will be met by a person speaking your local language.

Our on duty engineer is available 24/7 if you are in need of assistance outside of our normal business hours.