How to add a new agent in Control

If you need to create more users, this can be done in the administration page named "Control". The URL is Here you log in with your customer number, username and password.

After you successfully logged in, go to "Users", then "Users" in the sub menu. Here you can select "Create New User".

Here you have to register the new user's personal details. Required fields are "Username", "User group" and "Language". It is important to define email address and/or mobile phone number (include 00 and country code). this ensures the user can use the "Forgot password / need new password" feature on the login page.

Intelecom recommends defining a numeric ID since it's used in statistical agent reports (shown as Agent ID). It is also necessary when users want to log in or off the contact center queue(s) via telephone. If you are unsure what numbers are in user, click "See used ID's".

Intelecom highly recommends administrators to register all new users with an email address and no password. The agent can simply select "Forgot password / need new password" on the Connect Client login screen. This makes the agent receive a one-time password by email which allows the agent to define his/her password. Existing agents with no email registered can add their own email address to the user account when logged in using the Connect Client.

Group profiles are defined per user group, see here. If you don't want a specific user group profile to be available for a user, uncheck the "Use" checkbox next to the profile and click "Save User".

Personal Profiles are profiles that only the chosen user has access to. A user can have none, one or many personal profiles. You can name a personal profile as you'd like and select different skills and skill levels you want the profile to contain.

When you press the + button to add skills to a profile a new window pops up. In this window you can choose what skill level the agent should have on the different media types and queues. When done, press the Add Skills button. Remember that you also need to press the Save User button.