Statistics - General concepts and explanations

Connect Control provides a variety of reports that are divided into Standard Reports and Custom Reports.

Standard Reports:

Here you will find all the standard reports your organization have access to.

The question mark next to each report contains a complete description of the chosen report. Select the desired report to open a new window where you can change parameters for the report. You can choose service number, time period and how your time elements are grouped e.g. bu quarter, hour, day etc.

Defining Time Period:

Defining a time period for a report can be done manually or by using the Time helper-buttons. The Time helper-buttons help you to select a time range quickly. There are buttons available for Day, Week and Month. You can browse through time periods by using the arrows next to the Time–range buttons and move between dates, weeks and months.

You can also choose to set the time period manually by typing it in, or by using the calendar which will appear when moving your cursor to the From or To field.

If your report is for a longer period than one day, you can use Limit time range to customize the time parameters for your report. You can generate a report only within your opening hours, e.g. Monday-Wednesday and Friday 08:00-16:00 and Thursday 08:00-18:00.
To do this, click on the Advanced settings link to open the Opening hours window, where you can configure the time range for each day.
First select time for From (08:00) and To (16:00), then click Specify days and adjust the time for the different days. Then click Apply.

You will now see ‘Limit time range (Varies*)’. Remember to click in the check-box next to Limit time range before you click View report.

When you have generated a report by clicking the View Report button, the report will appear and the Change parameter part is minimized. Hover over any column name and a description of the column will appear.

Save report as File:

You can choose from several formats, e.g. Excel, mhtml, xml, pdf and tiff.
When you have chosen the format for your report, Internet Explorer opens a dialog box at the bottom of the screen where you can choose to open or save the report.

Follow the instructions in your browser to save the report in the desired location.
The reports are scaled differently depending on the format you choose. In some formats, reports with many columns or rows will be spread over two or more pages.