How to create an account and submit a ticket for the first time?

If you need to submit a ticket, but haven't created an account, please continue reading. If you have created an account, skip to the headline "Submitting a ticket" further down in this article.

Creating an account:

When at the first page for our help center, click to "Sign up" at the arrow in the picture above indicates.

Select "New to Puzzel? Sign up". You will now perform the first step in creating your account. Fill out the form shown below containing your full name and email-address. When you're finished, click "Sign up".

A new page will be displayed, stating an email have been sent to the email-address you registered.

Check your email and see if you can find an email from Puzzel with subject field "Welcome to Puzzel". Open that email and click the activation link.

You will now be taken back to the help page where you have to create a password for your account.

Please note the password requirements. When ready click "Set password". You will now be able to log in.

Submitting a ticket:

Once logged in, you'll have the option to submit a ticket in two places (upper right corner and at the bottom of the page).


By clicking one of the two, you'll be taken to a site where you have to choose what kind of request you're submitting.

In this example, we've used the selection "I need to change something". You'll then have fill out this form:

Once completed, click "Submit" at the bottom right corner. A summary will be shown.

When the support respond to the ticket you will be able to check the status at "My activity"

An email are also sent to your registered email-address