Setting up the application in Azure AD

Please note that we have recently released Puzzel Catalog Sync (Azure)1.2.0 version which uses latest Microsoft Graph API and new Puzzel authentication service.  We encourage all our existing customers to download 1.2.0 version of the client here. All new customers, can download the client and do the following Azure configurations in their environment.

Some of the features in Puzzel’s Agent Application requires users to authenticate themselves in Azure AD. Follow the steps below which takes you through the process of configuring Puzzel catalog sync application in Azure AD. This is done as a two-step process as explained below.

Application registration

Follow the procedure below to register Puzzel catalog sync in Azure AD:

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory and select App registrations. Click on New registration button.
  2. Enter the following three parameters in the Register an application window and click Register.
    • Name - Choose a name for the application (e.g. Puzzel catalog sync)
    • Supported account types – Choose the option that is most relevant to you. The recommended option is “Accounts in this organizational directory only (<directory name>)
    • Redirect URI (optional) – Choose Web and enter https://localhost
  3. Go back to the App registrations screen and select the app you just registered
  4.  Click on Manifest option to edit the application Manifest. You need to edit the manifest of the Azure application by adding/editing an object in the current JSON:

Add or edit the “keyCredentials” element in the manifest JSON as shown below:

"keyCredentials": [
      "customKeyIdentifier": "<Base64Thumbprint >",
      "keyId": "<key Id>",
      "type": "AsymmetricX509Cert",
      "usage": "Verify",
      "value": "<base64 Value>"

The values to the "customKeyIdentifier", “keyId", "value" can be found in the certificate generated using the Puzzel certificate tool.

Set up permissions

Please note that we have released Catalog Sync 1.2.0 version which uses latest Microsoft Graph API and new Puzzel authentication service. If you are currently using the old version, we urge you to download the latest version here.

If you have the latest 1.2.0 version, add the following permissions as instructed below.

  1. Go to, and open Azure Active Directory -> App registrations and select the application you just created.
  2. Select API permissions and click on Add a permission button.
  3. Select Microsoft Graph and choose the following permissions and Click Add permissions.
    • User.Read.All
    • User.Read
    • Calendars.Read
    • Directory.Read.All
  1. The following screen will appear prompting you to grant permission as an admin.
  2. The application will now have the required permissions.


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