Puzzel User Provisioner user guide

The Puzzel User Provisioner application enables you to create, update or delete user profile records in your Puzzel Contact Centre application based on users or user groups in your active directory. You can either import all users or a user group depending on the criterion chosen during the provisioning process. This tool automatically pulls user details from the Active Directory and pushes it into the Puzzel application eliminating the risk of human error, if otherwise done manually. You can use this tool to update the records whenever required or run it as a Windows scheduled task at regular intervals.

The Puzzel User Provisioner application is available as a .msi file that you can download on puzzel.com/download. Here you can also find the documentation describing the end to end process for installing and configuring the client.


This document describes how to install and configure Puzzel User Provisioner application for updating the contacts within the Puzzel Agent Application. Below listed are three steps you need to carry on to successfully use this tool in your environment:

  1. Installing the Puzzel User Provisioner Application
  2. Making the configuration settings in the config file
  3. Configuring the Puzzel User Provisioner Client


This application requires:

  • .Net Framework version 4.7.2
  • Window operating system



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