Platform Migration to Microsoft Azure

Puzzel are planning to migrate its platform to Microsoft’s public cloud platform Azure. The migration will be effectuated gradually, and during the transition period Puzzel’s platform will be a “hybrid cloud”, with services being delivered from Puzzel’s established data centres in parallel with Azure.

This means that network communication must be allowed to the Azure regions in addition to Puzzel’s data centres. For companies enforcing restrictions on client’s communication over Internet we recommend that restrictions are enforced on DNS level. If it is a requirement to restrict traffic on IP address level, communication must be allowed towards all relevant IP's for the Azure regions. In the transition-period, we urge you to allow traffic to both platforms.

Puzzel will update data processing agreements and inform or consult customers according to regulations in these DPAs before moving customer data.
See “Firewall” sub-chapter under Agent Application chapter below for more details.


24/08/2020 - 13:09

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