How to Enable Dashboards

In the current version, the Dashboards are enabled or disabled on a company level via the "Enable menu Dashboard" property, located under Users->Products->Admin Portal Menu.  
This property is enabled by default for all customers.
This enables and shows the "Dashboard" menu item, which in turn gives access to all the dashboards that the current user has access to. 

The "Enable menu Dashboard" can be toggled on or off for specific users and user groups. It is important to note that if a user has access to a specific Company dashboard, they can also see all updates made to it. The Dashboard remains editable only to the original author. 

For all customers, who have not configured a dashboard yet, there is a default one available, which shows data for traffic and queues overview. Please note, that in order for the data to be displayed, there must be one or more queues configured in Admin. 


16/02/2022 - 14:08

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