Create Instagram channel

To add an Instagram channel, you will need:

  • Facebook App
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Business Account or Instagram Creator Account
  • A verified Facebook Business

Configure Facebook page

To configure the Facebook Page:

  1. Edit the Page info of your Facebook page and ensure that the category selected is "App Page" so that it will be recognisable by your Facebook app later on.
  2.  Connect your Instagram Business Account or Instagram Creator Account

 Configure Facebook App

To configure Facebook App, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings -> Basic, provide the https URL of your site into App Domains and Site URL fields
  2. Go to Settings->Advanced and scroll down to App Page section and connect/select your Facebook page
  1. Then configure the Products starting with Facebook Login. In Settings, provide the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs for our channels (e.g. and
  2. Subscribe to Webhooks objects if your app is not subscribed to any yet.
  3. If already subscribed to webhooks, you can just edit the subscription to ensure that proper values were provided. In this case, we'll focus on Page, Permissions and Instagram objects and provide the webhook's Callback URL( and Verify Token (lw-staging).Verify and Save the objects.
  4.  Ensure that you are also subscribed to necessary Webhook endpoints for each object
    Object Endpoints
    Page  conversations, feed, ratings
    Permissions   manage_pages, pages_messaging, publish_pages, instagram_basic, instagram_manage_comments, instagram_manage_insights
    Instagram  comments, mentions, story_insights


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