Change of IP address for the domain

This change announcement is only relevant for customers or partners who have a custom integration via Puzzel's API using and who are using a whitelisted IP address in their outbound firewall rules.

The IP address associated with will soon change as part of ongoing efforts to improve the reliability of These changes may necessitate customers and/or partners to make changes in their firewall's outbound rules to ensure uninterrupted service.

From 24th August 2021, we will change the IP address of

  • from current IP
  • to the new IP address of

Customers who have whitelisted the IP address and are using API integrations towards Puzzel behind a firewall, must ensure that they have whitelisted the new IP address. To reach our private cloud IP network we recommend adding prefix prior to the specified date.

As a standard, Puzzel recommends allowing traffic to all sub-domains under https://*

If you are unsure of what this means to you, please contact your IT department.

Please note that if you have hard-coded the IP address to reach Puzzel API, this change will have no effect on your integration as the current IP address ( ) will remain active. This may, however, change in future. As a result, Puzzel strongly recommends that you consider using the domain name as a standard or switch to the new IP address.


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