Changes/Updates to the Facebook Messenger

Following the announcement made by Facebook on their Messenger platform, we would like to inform our customers about the possible impact to your services and business with effect from December 16th 2020.
In an effort to comply with the new privacy policy rules in Europe, Facebook is making some changes to its Messenger API's. From December 16th,  2020, you will start to see the following changes on the Facebook Messenger platform:
  • Send/Receive attachments other than images will fail

         Attachments other than images[ for example; audio and video files] sent via Facebook Messenger will return an error message and won't be
        rendered to the receiver. However, the media attachments on the existing messages will still be available.

  • message_deliveries, messaging_reactions and message_reads will not be delivered

           If you have subscribed to message deliveries, reactions and message reads, you will no more receive notifications for this service.


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