Desktop client decommissioning - Removal of support for TLS v1.0 and v1.1

All desktop versions of our Agent Application older than version 1.22.x are now Out of Support, and may cease functioning at any time over the next few months. This is due to issues of compliance with PCI DSS certification, which require a minimum of TLS 1.2 encryption on HTTPS connections. We strongly recommend that where possible, customers migrate to our New Agent Application at  Where this is not an option, or otherwise not desirable, customers must move to the latest version of the desktop Agent Application or move to the browser-based Agent Application.

Here at Puzzel, we require our customers to use secure HTTPS connections to communicate with our products. These connections are encrypted with the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. In our ongoing efforts to ensure the security of our systems and maintain PCI DSS compliance, we are updating our products to require a minimum of version 1.2 of TLS for all HTTPS connections.

At the end of January 2019, support for TLS versions 1.0 and 1.1 was deprecated and applications using these protocols are now Out of Support.

In the coming months, customers attempting to connect to Puzzel products using unsupported browser versions may at any time find themselves unable to do so. In order to continue using our products, you will need to upgrade to a more modern browser with TLS 1.2 support (or later), and/or you must upgrade your desktop client to the new and final version (1.22.x) which was released in the October release window, available at All older versions of the desktop Agent Application will cease to function when support for TLS 1.2 is fully disabled in the Puzzel platform.

Additionally, customers who use email connectors, Catalog sync, custom wallboards, our legacy mobile app, and/or custom integrations toward our old services must take further action. More detail follows below.

Browsers supporting TLS 1.2 and later

Below is a table showing a collection of supported modern browsers that support TLS version 1.2 and newer. This same table can be found in our Basic Requirements document. However, note that the requirement for Internet Explorer has now increased from 10 (which does not have TLS 1.2 support) to 11 (which does). The version number given below is the earliest supported version, for security reasons it is recommended to always use the latest version.

Browser Earliest Supported Version
Chrome 47
Internet Explorer 11
Edge Fourth release (40+) or newer
Firefox 38
Opera 34


What do you need to do?

Ensure that your agents, administrators and supervisors are running a modern browser (reference the table above, and those in our Basic Requirements document). If any of your agents are not using one of these browser versions or newer, they will need to update to at least one of these versions.

Otherwise, if you are using the desktop version of our Agent Application, make sure that you update as soon as possible and before the cut-off in January. More information about the precise date of cut-off will be communicated in due time.

Action is also needed for customers who use other products such as our email connectors, Catalog sync, the legacy mobile app, or integrations toward domains. More information follows below.

If you fail to migrate to a newer environment that supports TLS 1.2 or newer, you will find yourself unable to access Puzzel products from that date.

Email connector, custom wallboards, mobile app ++

In addition to the standard Agent Application, this change will affect users of the Puzzel email connector, except for those users who have migrated to the newer Office365 from Microsoft. The same applies for the desktop sync client for Catalog. New versions of this software is in development, and more information will follow as this becomes available.

Customers who have custom wallboard implementations, using our Flex platform, are advised that Flex is out of support for some time now, and will cease to function when these changes are made. Most Puzzel customers have migrated to our current Wallboard service, configurable through the Admin Portal.

The legacy mobile app (pointing towards will be discontinued in January 2020, and customers must install the Puzzel mobile app in Google Play or App Store.

API integrations

Customers who still integrate towards should migrate to ASAP, and ensure that their integrations support TLS 1.2. These processes will by nature be different from customer to customer.

If you are using these services, please contact your Key Account Manager with Puzzel for more information and assistance where required.


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