End of Life announcement of old Authentication Service

Puzzel has decided to postpone the decommissioning of our Old Authentication Service until further notice. Customers will be notified of the new End of Life date in this article and also through an email alert.

Puzzel is continually working to improve our software and services to stay abreast with the new technology and also best meet the needs of our customers. In accordance with this process, Puzzel is announcing the End of Life of our old Authentication service [api.puzzel.com/ContactCentre5/auth/] and would like to notify our customers about the change. This announcement is only relevant for customers or partners who have a custom integration using our old authentication service. The old method of Authentication will be superseded by the Modern Authentication service[auth.puzzel.com]. Customers are encouraged to configure all integrations to work via auth.puzzel.com to take full advantage of the latest services.

For additional information on the current auth service API please visit our Developer site.


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