Important: Google Chrome 3rd Party Cookies Policy Changes

This announcement is relevant to the IT teams of partners and customers that have individually developed widgets and customisations within Puzzel. For example, integrated external or embedded content like e-Tasks, e-mails, or CRM Pops. 

Google will be implementing a privacy change in Chrome that will impact the use of 3rd Party Cookies. This change will be rolled out in phases starting January 2024 with a full roll-out by September 2024. Chrome will deprecate third-party cookies for 1% of Chrome users globally, starting Q1 2024. More information can be found on the Google Privacy Sandbox website

It is important that Puzzel partners, customers and stakeholders proactively test integrations and custom widgets they may be supporting, using the test plan as shared by Google


Q: I am a customer and I have built a widget that interacts with my internal CRM. How will I be impacted? 

A: You may be impacted if you are using cookies for authentication for your Agent Application widget. We recommend testing as described here. 

As of December 2023, Puzzel is actively evaluating and implementing mitigation measures for Puzzel Products to accommodate the changes prior the scheduled Phaseout rollout. 


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