Important: Trigger-server URL migration

As you may know, Puzzel separated and rebranded from Intelecom in 2016. This started a long and complicated journey to move away from services relying on the old domain, which we no longer control. We are now coming toward the end of this process.

On 20th February 2019, the old trigger server on URL will be decommissioned and migrated to

This means that all customers need to make sure that the new URL is allowed through any firewalls. Failure to do so may compromise the functionality of your solutions. Specifically, you must configure your firewalls to open for traffic to and from the loadbalancer on at IP address

Our trigger server enables, among other things, requests to pop up in the Agent Applications, and is essential to the proper functioning of your Agent Application.

For more detail, please check the updated Basic Requirements document here, or the Basic Requirements articles here.


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