Possible service impact during a maintenance window

In our maintenance notifications we refer to the term General maintenance, which may include security patching, software & firmware upgrades, failover/redundancy testing, capacity expansions, certificate updates and equipment replacement.

During a general maintenance window the following scenarios may be experienced by customers:

  • Users may be temporarily logged out of applications (e.g. Agent Application, Administration Portal & Puzzel Case Management)
  • Agent Application may be unresponsive for up to 60 seconds (e.g. can’t log off/on, transfer, lookups, queue overview, etc.)
  • Delays in detecting an available agent or requests may be offered to unavailable agents (e.g. agents in pause, connected or logged off)
  • Delays in delivering Chat/Email/Social Media requests to Agent Application
  • Conversational Platform (ChatBot) temporarily unavailable (<30 minutes)
  • Identity & Verification (ID&V) temporarily unavailable (<30 minutes)
  • Emails sent from our hosted solutions delayed (e.g voicemail, various statistics reports) 
  • Verint (WFM/SA) statistics data/recording files temporarily delayed/unavailable (<30 minutes)
  • Administration Portal features (e.g. Statistics, Archive, Catalog & FTP) temporarily unavailable/delayed (<60 minutes)
  • Delays/resending of SMS (e.g. from TopUp, Agent Application, Puzzel Messenger)
  • Puzzel Pay payment services may be intermittently unavailable (<30 minutes)
  • Softphone users temporarily unable to log in, intermittent busy status and silent/dropped calls
  • Ongoing Puzzel Digital Engagement chats may disconnect and needs to be restarted
  • Case Management tickets temporarily unavailable (<30 minutes)


19/08/2020 - 11:39

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