Puzzel Contact Centre - Release Notes June 30th 2020

This document provides an overview of changes and additional features included in Agent Assist June Release 2020, implemented in the evening of June 30th, 2020.

The changes made in this release mainly concern the following areas:

  • Agent Assist Widget
  • Contacts Management Component
  • Knowledgebase Component
  • Interaction Analytics
Some of these features require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it.

New Features

Rich text editor for Knowledgebase admin

A new editor is now added to allow knowledgebase content authors to create and edit content with rich text formatting.

The rich text editor toolbar is shown when you select ‘Rich text’ as the article type.

In addition to the text formatting features, there are special features including:

  • Paste images from clipboard. Saves images directly in the content of the field using base64 encoding, so you don't have to go through extra steps to insert images.
  • Embed videos simply using video url from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion or Youku.

Import knowledgebase content

It is now possible to import content using an import wizard found under settings menu icon which allows you to upload files. Import from a csv file is currently supported for plaintext questions and answers. The imported articles can then be edited with the built-in rich text editor and mapped to categories and sections. Imported content appears in a special ‘Imports’ category in the ‘Inbox’ page.

Sort and filter articles 

A sort button is available to sort articles alphabetically as well as a filter text box to narrow down the results in any list views including in search results. The filter function allows filtering on article title, dates (creation date, scheduled publishing date), author name.

Knowledgebase widget - suggest articles 

An optional feature can be enabled to allow agents to submit articles for an administrator to review and approve.

Custom tab support for agent assist widget

Agent Assist Widget can now be included in a custom tab configuration if required so that it is not bound to a specific interaction. This will allow for custom tab layouts with Agent Assist widget on its own or with other widgets. Automatic suggestions or contact search will not be performed in the custom tab, however manual searches can be performed ad-hoc.  

Export contact records from contact management system

Contact records including notes can now be exported from the ‘Settings’ page in contact management system in Puzzel Admin. Initiating new export requests generates a file once it is ready for download and will automatically be removed after 48 hours. Export actions are also logged in the ‘Log’ page.

Max Number of interaction history to show 

Maximum number of historical interactions displayed in Agent Assist can now be configured at a customer level. This property is managed by Puzzel Support/ Implementation team.


Knowledgebase widget list previews

Article list views previously may have shown html tags since only plaintext and markdown formatted documents were supported. Articles now support rich text and renders html formatting properly.

Widget - progress indicator when handling requests 

A loading indicator is now visible for all components that are actively retrieving data to make it easier to see where there is activity in progress. The indicator is made visible in contact search, interaction list as well as individual items when expanded if more data is available and is being fetched.


Interaction history - missing agent and queue information 

Interaction history for some calls were missing queue and agent information if the calls were not recorded, we now fetch both agent name and queue description from the metadata in archive even if there is no call recording.

Fallback search

If a contact does not exist in the contacts list, a fallback search is performed directly in media archive with a wide scope for the phone number so that historical interactions that have originated from this number is displayed. The fallback is used for email addresses that do not exist in the contacts list.

Archive search for phone numbers

Phone numbers in archive may or may not contain international country code, we now perform a wider scoped search to capture these combinations:

  • With [+] [country code]
  • With [00] [country code]
  • National format without leading [0]
  • UK national format with a leading [0]


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