Puzzel Contact Centre - Release Notes June 9th 2020


This document provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the Puzzel Contact Centre Solution release, implemented in the evening of June 9th, 2020.

The changes made in this release mainly concern the following areas:

  • Agent Application
  • Agent Assist
  • CRM integration
Some of these features require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it.

Agent Application

Legacy web application 

We have already deployed a new version of the old agent web application in production but are including information in these release notes for clarification and transparency.

There are 3 main changes included in the new version:

  • Added a notification on the client's sign-in page stating that it is about to be decommissioned and that Softphone no longer is supported. The message will be shown every time.
  • Hard coded the softphone feature to be disabled (meaning Softphone can no longer be enabled).
  • Removed the spell check feature in chat, due to us ending the subscription with third-party provider.

Max concurrent written requests improvement 

We are adding the support for defining the number of concurrent requests on a sub-level. This means that agents with access can change the maximum number of concurrent real-time requests (chat/social) and concurrent number of non-real-time requests (e-mail/e-task) individually, within the total number of written requests.

As an example, you can define that you want maximum 1 e-mail/e-task request, but maximum 3 chats/social requests.

This is how it works:

Administrators can configure relevant properties in the Admin Portal under “Users -> Products -> Chat”. The same value can be used for all agents, or different values can be set per user group.

If given access, agents can adjust these values on behalf of themselves in the agent application’s “Settings” tab. Access is given through the admin property “Allow to adjust max concurrent written requests”.

Support for Jabra headset integration

We are adding support for Jabra headset integration, enabling agents to use headset buttons to execute the following actions for Softphone calls:

  • Answering calls
  • Hanging up calls
  • Adjusting volume

By advice from Jabra we have developed and tested with the following devices on a Windows 10 PC:

  • Jabra Engage 50 (Cord)
  • Jabra Engage 75 (dect)
  • Jabra Evolve 40 (cord)
  • Jabra Evolve 75 (bluetooth)

... but the integration will probably work on other devices as well. Auto-answer is unaffected by this.

The integration requires installing 2 software on the agent’s PC (users need access to download and install software on PC):

  • Jabra Chrome Extension

The Jabra Chrome Extension is downloaded directly from the Chrome browser. You can search for "Jabra Browser Integration Extension" in the Chrome web store, or follow this link:


  • MSI for device management

The MSI for device management handles the communication between the agent’s headset and the Chrome browser, and is downloaded from Jabra’s GitHub site: 


Once installed, the integration should be in place. We recommend testing this on one or some agents before deploying on all agents. Check out our related article about the Jabra-integration: https://help.puzzel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009246837

Search in all sources

We are now supporting contact search in all sources. This means that you can find contacts in the contact sources you have access to, without having to search in one source at a time.

  • “All sources” is the new default option
  • The last used source (if known) is selected next time

New Core Tab - Search & Transfer

We are adding a new core tab customized for switchboard operators whose main task is to receive and transfer calls. The new tab is named “Search & Transfer” and must be enabled in the Widget-section in the Admin Portal before being visible in the agent’s tab menu.

The concept is to enable agents to search and transfer calls in the new tab (suggested to be placed in the left tab-set) without having to go through the “Forward” button in the request tab.

Auto-search can be enabled on incoming calls, based on a search variable e.g. caller’s number (default variable used is “client_call_search”). Also, if your solution is set up with a Catalog containing more than one “organization”, the search can be set up to only search in the organization the call is addressed to (e.g. based on access number). You can get assistance from Puzzel in setting up both these features.

This first version supports search in the Catalog contacts source only, but we are planning to support search in all sources in a later release this year.

Scheduled Task Improvements

We are adding two improvements to the existing scheduled task feature, predefined subjects and adding scheduled tasks in call requests.

Predefined Subjects

In the Admin Portal, you can now predefine one or more task-subjects that the agent can select among when adding a scheduled task. If task-subjects are defined, these will replace the current free-text field.

  • The relevant admin property is found under “Users -> Products -> Agent Application -> Scheduled task Subjects”.
  • The property format is “subject1;subject2;subject3”
    • Example «First call;Follow up call;Write offer;Send email»
  • Blank property means the subject field is free-text based.

Ordered task from inbound and outbound calls

We are adding the option to add scheduled tasks from ongoing calls (inbound or outbound). When in a call, a new button is shown in the request tab, called “Schedule”.

By pressing the “Schedule” button, the agent can add a scheduled task based on the call. The caller’s number (if available) is automatically added to the task, and a session-ID relation between the call and task is added in Admin Archive (will in a later release be related in raw-data, as well).

The schedule button is default disabled but is enabled through a property in the Admin Portal under “Users -> Products -> Agent Application -> Allow agent to schedule task from request”.

Note: For this button to work, the scheduled task feature itself must already be setup on your solution.

Show first name first 

We are changing the way contact names are shown in tables and search result. Today a contact is shown with last name first and first name last, but after this release we will show contacts with first name first and last name last. However, there will be a property in the agent application’s “Settings” tab to show contact search results with last name first, for those who prefer that.

Agent Assist (v1.7)

New Features

Version 1.7 brings a significant set of new features to make Agent Assist even more helpful.

Customer journey display

A graphical representation of the customer journey is shown for incoming calls and web chats.

Launch Agent Assist on SMS channel

A new tab configuration is made available to present SMS channel from the Puzzel SoMe platform with Agent Assist, enabling agents to use Agent Assist features whilst handling incoming SMS requests.

Add/Edit contacts from Agent Assist contact card

Customers can choose to allow agents to add new contacts and/or edit existing contacts directly from the contact card.

Note: changes in the contacts managed by Puzzel Agent Assist does not affect the source system if you are exporting contacts from an external CRM or contact management system.

Bot client support for message feedback buttons

Agents can now provide feedback to the bot responses using thumbs up/down so that a bot trainer can make improvements where needed.

Bot client support for conversation feedback with comments

Agents can now provide a feedback with concrete suggestions to the bot trainer, for example on a missing intent or a question that bot is not handing well. This feature currently applies to Boost.ai framework. The feedback option here is linked to the conversation as a whole rather than individual response messages. This feedback is available in Boost.ai admin portal.

Knowledgebase Admin - try out NLU search

Now you can test the articles that will be presented to agents based on the question being asked. When you ask a question, some key words or phrases are extracted as tags which is used to find relevant articles. In the event that there are no tags found in the articles, the search engine will default to performing a full text search. A full text search will try to match words from the question to the content of the article and display these as results. If you see that there are no results from the Tags based search, and a full text search is being performed, you can try to copy the extracted tags shown under the input area and tag your articles using these extracted tags for better results.

Suggest knowledgebase article from Agent Assist 

Agents can suggest new articles directly from Agent Assist Knowledgebase tab with a title and content.

The suggestions are made available to administrator in the Knowledgebase Management System in Puzzel Admin for editing and publishing.

Interaction history - show NLU tags for conversation 

Historical interactions where the transcript is available and the ‘Interaction Analytics’ package is enabled; auto generated tags are shown to highlight the contents of the conversation. This helps to give an indication of what the conversation was about without reading the entire transcript.

Show Sentiment in interaction history 

Historical interactions where the sentiment is available through the ‘Interaction Analytics’ package based on the transcript, a sentiment is shown with positive, neutral or negative icons. The score shown is an average of the conversation taken from the analysis of the customer dialog.

Callout, SMS & Email from Agent Assist contact card

The contact card now supports click to call on phone/mobile numbers or sending SMS or E-Mail.

These features are dependent on Puzzel Admin configuration to allow sending of emails or SMS in your solution.


Updated Push message icon

The arrow icon is now replaced with  ‘add message’ icon to allow pushing suggested text across to the chat window.

Update to latest version of Font Awesome 

All icons are now updated with Font Awesome v5.

KB API - Searching should not return articles without questions / answers

Search results no longer includes incomplete knowledgebase articles.

Contacts import - Rewrite to Durable Function

Strengthened the import mechanism to allow larger files to be handled. This is most significant for automated ftp based imports into the contacts list from external crm systems as an example.

Widget - Interaction history for contact address not in list

It is now possible to manually search for contacts that may not be on the contact list, however there may be records in Puzzel Media Archive for the phone number or email address in question. Although the contact card does not show any details, the search still manages to display associated calls or emails from the query within the interaction history results. You must search with a full email address or phone number for the manual search in this context.

Improved auto tagging

The NLU engine can now be set with a language code to better handle the automatic tags returned for the analysed article text or conversation transcript.

Trigger re-indexing after contacts are modified 

If agents are allowed to add or edit contacts within Agent Assist, the mechanism allows for these updates to be available for search immediately.

Bug Fixes

Html tags in plaintext articles 

Contents that are copied and pasted now removes html tags in plaintext articles. Any existing articles that contain html tags, can now be saved again to remove the extra tags.

Transcripts not showing NLU tags

Transcription search and viewing of transcripts from interaction history did not display NLU tags. Now all tags are shown if NLU is configured for a customer solution based on the interaction analytics package.

Transcription engine handling responses with keywords without count and relevance

If the transcription provider did not return count of keywords or relevance, the engine failed to process these properly. Now the supported provider is handled correctly.

Dynamics Widget

UI changes 

The UI have been changed to include controls for adding contacts, accounts and cases in the “header” of the widget. There is also a change in the look and feel of the controls.

Custom filters for contacts and account

It is now possible to customize the search criteria for contacts and accounts. Phone number is used for searching when accepting a request from the voice channel and email is used for the other channels. Exactly which logic to use when searching can be configured by setting an OData filter.

More information about OData filters can be found here:


Customized list view for contacts and account

It is now possible to choose which properties of contacts and accounts that are displayed in the multiple match view. These attributes must be valid properties.

More information about properties for the account entity can be found here:


And more information about properties for the contact entity can be found here:


Customized search for entities other than contacts and accounts

In addition to contacts and accounts, the widget can now also make a search for one other entity type. As an example, this can be the “incidents” entity or another entity in Dynamics.

Configuration for custom entity is completely within widget options where which properties to display, which filter to use etc can be configured.

An activity can be attached to the custom entity just like with contact and account, but custom entities does not support click to call.

Navbar turned on when popping out to new tab

The navbar will no longer be stripped off when popping out an entity (Usually a contact or an account) from the widget to a separate tab.

Log call when call completed

The phone activity is now updated when a call ends. This allows us to log the call duration in addition to the other information present in the phone activity.

Support for emails and etasks 

Support for the email channel have been added to the Dynamics widget. If a request has been tagged to target the Dynamics widget, then it will be opened inside the widget instead of being handled by the standard email functionality. Activity logging works as normal.

Puzzel will provide examples of Azure Logic Apps that can be used to enqueue Dynamics entities in this way.

Salesforce Client

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO is now supported in Salesforce. This requires a separate installation of the Salesforce client and is currently not the same as the one found on the App Exchange.

SSO in Salesforce is with credentials in Salesforce only – We are not allowed to redirect to other authentication providers while the agent application is embedded

Viewer for chatlogs, recordings and enquiry registration

By embedding a separate application, it will be possible to retrieve chatlogs, recordings and enquiry registration from the Puzzel Archive and present them in in the CRM-System. The same viewer is used in both Salesforce and Dynamics.

The viewer depends on respectively the EnquiryLog in Salesforce and the phone activity in Dynamics. It uses the information contained within to retrieve the requested information from the Puzzel REST API. This is a view – No information is transferred to the CRM-System!

Example of a chatlog with metadata in Salesforce:

Example of a voice recording with metadata in Dynamics:


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