Puzzel Contact Centre - Release Notes March 9th 2021

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the Puzzel Contact Centre Solution release, implemented in the evening of March 9th, 2021

The changes made in this release mainly concern the Admin Portal, Agent Application, Chat Application, and Knowledgebase.

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it.

Administration Portal

Administration and “main admin” role 

All admin users with access to page Users – Access control in the Admin Portal can see the Assign resource filter part, but only a few users (if any) should see and have access to the Administration part.

We often refer to a user with access to Administration as a ‘main admin’, since with this access you can adjust other admin users’ access rights, e.g. what accordions they should see under Users – Products and if they should be allowed to add queues and turn on call recording on queues etc. 

A user has access to Administration if property Show pagegroup Administration is ON for this user.

If your company does not have any users with access to Administration, we recommend that you contact Puzzel and ask for access to Administration for one or a few of your existing admin users.

If your company already has some users (or a user group) with access to Administration, we recommend that one of these main admins change your settings a bit. 

  • On page Administration, uncheck Inherit and turn ON Show pagegroup Administration for the few individual users that should have access to Administration (now it’s probably inherited as ON from the user group). 
  • Then turn OFF Show pagegroup Administration for the company level. 

With this configuration, if someone creates a new admin user or a new admin user group, this new user/user group will not have access to Administration by default. 

When you’re done, it should look like this:

The property is OFF for the company (and inherited OFF for user groups) and turned ON for individual admin user(s).

If you have a separate user group for your main admins and all should have access to Administration, you could have the property OFF for the company and ON for this main admin user group, but we recommend turning Show pagegroup administration on for individual users only and not for user groups.

If you need assistance, please contact Puzzel.

Easier for main admin to limit who sees what on page Users – Products

The main admin (or Puzzel) can on page Administration adjust what accordions (aka pagegroups) the different admin users see on page Users – Products, by adjusting the value for the corresponding Show pagegroup properties for the different user groups and users.

Example: An admin user has access to accordion Admin Portal menu on page Users – Products if the property Show pagegroup Admin Portal Menu is ON for this user.

We now make it easier to manage and limit who sees what on page Users – Products by changing how some of these administration properties work. From now on, these Show pagegroup properties can be turned on for a user group or a single user when off for the level above: Admin Portal menu, Agent timeouts, Call, Homepage, Logon to queue and Sign in to Puzzel.

This is useful if just one or a few users in a user group should have access to one of these accordions on page Users - Products.

Example: If you only want that a few admin users should have access to accordion Admin Portal Menu on page Users - Products, we suggest that a user with access to Administration (a main admin) turns OFF Show pagegroup Admin Portal Menu on the company level, and then turns it ON for one admin user group or only for the individual admin users that should have access to Admin Portal menu on page Users – Products. If you need assistance, please contact Puzzel.

Improvements for other Administration properties

We have also made it possible to have these Administration properties ON for an individual user or a user group when OFF for the level above, to make it easier to limit what the different admin users have access to.

  • Show Group numbers ('Unblockable agents') 
  • Act as another user (Wallboard)
  • Add user groups
  • Edit display queues
  • Edit system queues
  • Statistics - Save custom reports

If you (the main admin) want, you can change the value to OFF for the company level for any of these Administration properties, and then turn it ON for selected users or a user group only.


Update user list

If you for some reason need to update information on many of your users, you can now upload a file with updated info for these existing users as an alternative to update one user at a time. You might want to add missing information, e.g. Firstname, Lastname if only username is registered, or add email address if only mobile number is entered.

  • First, export a file with all existing users, and delete users (rows) you don’t want to change, and add or change information for the users and save the file. 
  • Then select Update existing users, and from the popup window choose your file. If the file is validated as ok, click Start import.


Access log - Increased storage time from 14 to 92 days

On page Users – Log under accordion Access log we show all sign-ins to Puzzel. Until now, the storage time for the entries in this table has been 2 weeks, but we have now changed the storage time to 3 months (92 days).



Adjusted rounding to whole seconds in Archive to match Raw data

Until now we have used a slightly different way to round the duration of menu/queue/conversation events to whole seconds in Archive and Raw data, so that some events had a duration in Archive that was 1 second less than in Raw data. We have now adjusted the rounding in Archive so that it should be the same in both places.

Widget Tab Admin

With this release of the Widget Tab Administration tool, we are introducing a set of small improvements. 

Colour picker improvements

We are introducing a new and more functional colour picker, which includes alpha channel color setting, as well as a set of predefined color pallettes - which correspond to the former "Class" property for the header section, which formerly only handled color. 

Widget Tab Admin Color picker

The color setting also supports removal of the color via the icon next to it, if one wishes to remove the currently selected color. 

Small visual improvements

Along with the Color picker improvements, we are rolling out a set of small visual improvements, for the dialogue active when adding widgets - already selected elements and active/hover element. 

Row Height

One other improvement that we are introducing to the release, in the context of the Widget Tab Admin resizing capabilities is the ability to resize containers to a very small height - about 13% height for a row. 

This comes in handy when one wants to accommodate very small/short widgets, containing only a single button, or any other such small element. 

Dialler API enhancement

We are now adding 2 new options/features in the Dialler API

  • Enable/disable campaign
  • Empty dialler list

https://api.puzzel.com/Dialler/swagger/ui/index will be updated shortly with details.



Statistics resource filter combined with Row filter

When a user has a resource filter assigned that limits what agents (user groups) that appears in statistics generates an agent report (e.g. Details per agent), only agents in the resource filter appears. When the user opened customize and selected a few of these agents in Row filter – Agent, and the run the report, the report sometimes did not show any agents. This bug is fixed.

Missing Change log entries for add/edit/delete Time module

When a user changed the content of a time module on page Services – Time, this kind of change was not been shown in the Change log for a while.
From now on, changes in Time modules should appear in the Change log as before.

Agent Application

  • Support signing in to Microsoft Azure AD from the "Settings" tab.
  • Support signing out of Microsoft Azure AD from the "Settings" tab.
  • Give call request tabs focus when a call is received. Enabled through the admin portal under "Users -> Products -> Agent Application". Default disabled.
  • Give chat request tabs focus when a chat is received. Enabled through the admin portal under "Users -> Products -> Agent Application". Default disabled.
  • Give e-mail request tabs focus when an e-mail received. Enabled through the admin portal under "Users -> Products -> Agent Application". Default disabled.
  • Give social request tabs focus when a social request received. Enabled through the admin portal under "Users -> Products -> Agent Application". Default disabled.
  • Improved Teams contact search:
    • Update presence status API to be out of BETA
    • Exclude "guests" users from Teams search. Search now only shows result with "member" users.
    • Enhanced search for contacts with 3 names.
    • Support company search (if available)

Chat Application

  • Support single sign on (SSO) in chat - also referred to as secure chat. This enables end users to sign in and authenticate on our customers web-sites through Open ID Connect (again used by e.g. Signicat, Azure B2B etc.), and use the same authentication when starting a chat. In the agent application agents will see parameters like name, e-mail address etc. being “verified” with an icon.
  • Support adding text in the chat button, so that e.g. a rectangular button defined with enough space can contain text.
  • Support adding chat button position offset. In addition to top|middle|bottom and left|middle|right, you can now add offsets in any direction to adjust the position even more.




An improvement is made to how images in articles are processed and stored. Any images embedded in the article that are pasted through the article editor will now be saved into a dedicated image store in Azure instead of being encoded as image data within the article text. This will improve the agent experience and make searches faster.


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