Puzzel Contact Centre – Release notes May 4th 2021 - CFT only

In addition to the changes in the Call Flow Tool described below, we also changed the domain name for some Raw data customers from intele.com to puzzel.com in the maintenance window on the evening May 4th.

This article provides an overview of changes and improvements included in the Puzzel Contact Centre Solution release implemented in the evening of May 4th, 2021. 

The changes made in this release only concerned the Admin Portal’s Call Flow Tool. 

Call Flow Tool improvements and changes in functionality:

  1. When no choices with labels are ON for a Menu module - its variable is reset to empty and read-only. The consequence is that when a new Callback module is created, its Menu modules by default will have no variables, since no labels are defined for their exits in the currently used template. No change is done to current functionality in production.
  2. New behaviour of expression building for If module
  3. New user interface to manage interrupt exits for Queue module (close to behaviour for If's expression). In addition, only the following single-symbol values are allowed (considered valid) for Key of interrupt exits: '*', '#', and the set of 0-9 digits inclusive.
  4. Various validations of modules data improved:
    • more user interface fields are validated for various modules
    • entire exits list becomes irresponsive (read-only) when at least 1 couple of non-unique exits is found in the KML for Switch, Time, Menu, Queue modules
    • when Local Time module is bound to a Shared module with at least 1 couple of non-unique exits, the name of Shared Time module in Local's Basic tab is coloured red, and displays validation messages at mouse-hover over it
  5. Red border marking diagram node as invalid is now much thicker, allowing easy spotting of invalid nodes even at below 70% zoom-out.


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