Puzzel Contact Centre - Release Notes November 17th 2020

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the Puzzel Contact Centre Solution scheduled for November 17th, 2020.

The changes made in this release mainly concern the Widget Tab Admin and Microsoft Dynamics Widget.

Widget Tab Admin

The Tab Administration is located in the Widget -> Tab Configuration section of the Admin Portal.

It is a completely new version with very similar functionality to the previous release, but with greatly improved design, as well as user experience.


The header for the Widget Tab Admin has been updated to look like this:

It contains the following elements:

  1. Customer Key - which is the id context of the current customer
  2. Save icon - which allows one to save any new changes made to a tab layout. 
  3. Tab Settings - this is a collection of settings, pertaining to the tab, header and menu elements. It looks like this, when opened:
  4.  Additionally, in the header is located a help section, which contains more information on the system and the different elements:


The bulk of the changes for the release are related to the Layout generation for the Widget Tab Admin. This includes:

  1. Adding cells to the layout - cells are vertical columns, which are layout placeholders for widgets. The current maximum is a total of three columns on the layout. 
  2. Adding rows to the layout - rows are horizontal containers for hosting widgets. For each row, one can add one or more columns. The maximum number of rows for the layout is three as well. 
  3. Adding widgets - for each container, one can add one or more widgets. The maximum number of widgets within a cell/container is three. 
  4. Removing widgets - each widget can be removed from its hosting container. 
  5. Resizing elements - each container can be resized to represent a distribution of a total of 100 percent of width and height. 
  6. Removing elements - each column or row can be removed from the layout, by simply deleting it after a confirmation. 

A complete sample layout looks like this:

Microsoft Dynamics Widget

Customized search filter per channel

It is now possible to customize the search filters per channel. This gives the possibility of making searches more efficient by tailoring the search to the channel, not searching for an email address on an incoming voice call for instance. This configuration can be done per entity per channel so there are specific filter for contacts, accounts and custom entities.

Enabling and disabling search for contacts and accounts

Search for contacts and accounts can now be enabled and disabled in the admin portal instead of always being on

Customized height of match window

The height of the match window can now be customized via an option in the admin portal.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug on no match

Buttons for adding contacts, accounts and cases should now always be shown on a no match.

Fixed a bug when adding activities manually

The add activity button will now be greyed out after adding an activity.


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