Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes August 19th 2021 (Enhancement to GDPR functionality)

We are making a significant enhancement to the GDPR, Tickets/Customer retention and automatic deletion period settings within the Puzzel Case Management (Puzzel Ticketing) application.

It is very important that as a system administrator you read the following information and update your policies within the application as required.

The reason we are making these enhancements is due to a diverging understanding between customers of how the settings were previously being applied by the application.

Definition of Meanings:

Customers:  Customer records are created automatically when a new inbound message (Email/SMS) is received in the platform.  Any subsequent messages sent by the same customer which generate tickets are linked to the customer record.

Tickets:  Tickets are created by inbound messages (Email/SMS).  The ticket is given an ID number in sequential order.  Tickets are automatically mapped to a customer record or a new record is created if none already exists.

Retention Period:  This is the length of time from ticket creation that the system will retain the tickets/customer records.  Once this time has elapsed, a system user with a system role profile allowing ticket deletion and/or access to customer records will have the ability to delete tickets and customer records.

Automatic Deletion Period: You can define in the application when you want the system to automatically delete tickets and customer records.  This can be set to anything between 1 month and 11 years.  For tickets you can set this to count from either: from ticket creation date OR from ticket resolve date.  For customer records, this is from the customer record creation date.


Since we are making a significant enhancement to this feature, Puzzel are not able to assume how you want these settings configured in your account.  Therefore, by default automatic deletion for tickets and customer records will be switched off.  You will need to action the following steps to re-enable automatic deletion in your account.

  1. A system admin should log into the Puzzel Case Management (Puzzel Ticketing) application as you currently do.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Account Settings

  3. Scroll down to the GDPR section:

    Your ticket and customer retention settings will be set to the same settings as they have always been, however automatic deletion will now be set to ‘OFF’.

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  4. If you wish to re-activate automatic deletion, turn the sliders to ‘ON’.  Under tickets, you will find the following options to select from:

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  1. Automatic Deletion Period must match or be greater than the Retention period.
  2. All tickets (regardless of status) will be deleted once the time has elapsed if your policy is set to ‘from ticket creation date’.
  3. Once you have set your policy, tickets which qualify for automatic deletion will be removed during a scheduled job overnight.

If you have any questions related to the new GDPR policy enhancement for Puzzel Case Management (Puzzel Ticketing), please raise a case via our support team at help.puzzel.com


17/08/2021 - 15:20

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