Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes August 27th 2020

The following updates will be made to Puzzel Ticketing on 27th August 2020. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

No additional features are in included in this release.


A number of improvements to existing features and functionality are included as below:

  • Address Book order improvement: An improvement has been made to help you search for commonly used email address in the address book of Puzzel Ticketing. Previously, the entries in the address book were sorted chronologically. In this release this will be improved to sort it in the alphabetical order instead.
  • Free text category search improvement: Free text categories enable any unique information to be captured as a category. For example, an invoice reference or customer number, with all the other functionalities of categories (option to make mandatory, locked to a team, reporting, search). An improvement will be released that ensures more consistent search results.
  • PCC (Puzzel Contact Centre) User ID: This is included to provide a user link between PCC and Puzzel Ticketing. With this release, this can now be edited and updated by Admin users.
  • Local language: Local language is added to additional text in Tickets page and Rules setup.
Bug Fixes

A number of bug fixes will also be released, as listed below:

  • Toolbar tips:

        When in text editor some of the toolbar tips displayed incorrect information to what the button does. This error is now fixed.

  • Improved error handling:

        All invalid action buttons will no more be shown in the UI to prevent any errors.

  • Timeline reporting:

        Rules applied will now be included in the timeline.

  • Customer Intelligence Panel:

        Ticket list was not being displayed for some of our customers. This has now been resolved in this release.

  • Organisations:

        Duplicate text included, has now been removed.



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