Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes August 28th 2020

The following updates will be made to Puzzel Ticketing on 28th August 2020. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features
Scheduled Tasks for new follow-up tasks:

A significant new feature has been developed that establishes a link between follow-up task in Puzzel Ticketing and Scheduled etask in Puzzel Contact Centre solution. This feature will enhance the Integrated Puzzel Contact Centre (PCC) functionality by empowering agents to keep track of tasks that would easily have been forgotten. With this feature enabled, a Scheduled etask will be registered for every new follow-up task created in Puzzel Ticketing.

A follow up task can be used for a multitude of reasons, for example as a reminder to call a customer. This can be linked to a ticket or not depending on individual use case. This will remind the agents of their upcoming tasks and help them provide a greater customer service.

A follow up task is normally created from a ticket. This must be allocated to a user and a queue (unless a predefined queue is sent).

The queue relates to PCC. This must be provided; either predefined or selected. The task will then be presented as a normal scheduled task to the user at the set date/time.

The link relates to the specific ticket and when accepted by an agent, will open a new browser window with this ticket.

Scheduled Tasks will not be automatically enabled. This can only be used by customers who have the Puzzel integration setup. By editing the existing integration, scheduled tasks can be turned on and a predefined queue (same queue will be used for all tasks) can be selected.

Jira Integration:

A powerful integration between Jira and Puzzel Ticketing has been achieved which allows Jira tickets to be linked to tickets within Puzzel Ticketing. Furthermore, the Jira ticket history can also be viewed from within Puzzel Ticketing.

If your organisation uses Jira, your agents will no more be required to jump between two systems to be able to get information on the status of a Jira ticket. This is now made available for our customers within Puzzel Ticketing itself.

The integration with Jira must first be set up using information from your Jira account. This is found under Integrations.

Once connected, it will be possible for you to link a Jira ticket, display Jira history (without attachments) and display the standard status of a ticket.

Puzzel Ticket timeline also records when a Jira ticket is linked or unlinked.

Improvements to existing features and functionality are as stated below:

Email address with webforms:

Often webforms make identifying the customers or email addresses difficult. Improvements have been added throughout 2020 to improve identification of the email address, so that the reply uses correct email. In addition, this release also utilises this to create appropriate customer hence make searching possible.

Bug Fixes

The bug fixes released are as listed below:

  • Category Choice Error:

        Category choice error fixed where non-existing category.

  • SMS Campaign:

        SMS Channel not sending messages to some numbers and channel variations has now been fixed.


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