Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes January 28th 2021

The following updates will be made to Puzzel Ticketing on 28th January 2021. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

There are no new features introduced in this release.


No feature updates are included in this release.

Bug fixes

  • Issue with longer processing time while saving a user, assigned to multiple teams is now fixed. You will now be able to save the details right away.
  • Issue with more than one request being created when the ticket status is changed has been fixed now. An update has been added to clear the current request before the new one is created.
  • An enhancement has been made that allows the user to upload file attachments of size as listed below:
    • Incoming email max size: 50mb

    • Incoming email max attachment size: 50mb

    • Outgoing email max size: 10mb

               All mentioned sizes includes encoding which adds 30% to the total size. So an image of
               10mb will be encoded to be 13-14 mb.

  • An enhancement has been made to show when and why the ticket was unavailable for collection on the ticket timeline.


27/01/2021 - 11:12

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08/07/2021 - 15:19