Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes October 23th 2020

The following updates will be made to Puzzel Ticketing on 23th October 2020. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

There are no additional features in this release.


Date Format Localization

          Make the date format configurable to reflect the accurate date format given a specific locale.

Task SLA reporting

      Added the ability to report on Task SLA (should record similar to the ticket resolve stats):

  •  Completion SLA %
  •  Avg. Completion Time
  •  Max Completion Time
  •  Completions
  •  New Tasks

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed missing translation relating to "On Hold" status
  2. Unable to send SMS Campaign from Puzzel SMS Channel using Short SMS number
    • Make sure the SMS campaign works as expected using Puzzel SMS channel having a Short SMS number


22/10/2020 - 18:15

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