Puzzel Ticketing - Release Notes September 7th 2020

The following updates will be made to Puzzel Ticketing on 7th September 2020. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

Organisation & Team SLA:

New features that set SLA (Service Level Agreement) by either the Organisation or Team SLA rather than through New Ticket Rules.

This means that is easier to set SLA for a specific customer or for a specific Team, as all tickets coming into this team or from this organisation will have the relevant response and resolve target set.

The Team SLA is set-up from Team Settings.

The Organisation SLA is set up from Organisation (this must first be enabled).

SLA’s are a great way to determine the sequence in which tickets should be worked. For some customers they require a service SLA and need to have evidence; this can be achieved using Puzzel Ticketing.

When a ticket is first received, the SLA will be set.

This is set as a response target and/or resolve target. These can be set in minutes, hours or days. The SLA only counts during business hours, for example team holidays are not included.

Currently if a ticket has SLA set by new ticket rules this will take priority over any Organisation or Team SLA. Further development is ongoing, and this will be changed in due course with a priority option.


An improvement to existing features and functionality is included as below:

  • Norwegian flag added on SMS Channel:

        Country flags will now be selected manually for SMS Channel setup. Norwegian flag also added as option.

  • Jira data cache:

        Cache will now be included with Jira integration to Puzzel Ticketing incorporating cache expiration. By default, data cache expiration is 24hrs, but this
        is configurable in the Integration Settings. Also, a button will be added to refresh and sync with Jira’s latest details on the linked ticket.

  • Translations:

        Dropdown box on new ticket rules will be included with local language translations where translations exist.

Bug Fixes

No bug fixes will be released.


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