Puzzel WFM - Release Notes December 1st 2020

The following updates will be made to Puzzel WFM on 1st of December 2020. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

Agent Portal Features

A new filter has been added to filter the agents by campaign on the overview screen.

SAML SSO authentication support:

We are now able to support Single Sign-On using a customer Identity Provider based on Security Assertion Markup Language.

Bug Fixes

Fixes in Agent Portal
  • Fixed Shift Swap shift times to display agent time zone instead of UTC
  • Fixed the issue with holiday requests list where the site permissions of an agent or the time period for which the agent belonged to a team was overlooked. This will now enable us to display the right agents for a site.
  • Fixed the issue with the agent schedule where the day activities were shown on the wrong day when the user is in a different time zone to that of the campaign.
Fixes in Planner Portal
  • Fixed the Dashboard report to show the Forecast and Actual AHT correctly.
  • Fix was deployed to prevent users from deleting user accounts with the Admin role.
  • Updated Activities Report so that the data is bound by the begin and end data/time selected, slicing shifts that overlap the time boundaries. Previously the boundaries selected the “start time” of the shift regardless of how the shifts overlapped the selected time window. To achieve previous functionality, select a wider time window. This issue was only notable in 24 hour campaigns.
  • Fixed the following overtime Issues
    • Cannot add overtime that runs overnight in Activity calendar even though campaign is 24 hours
    • Overtime not displaying on agent dashboard
    • A full overtime shift does not display in schedule and agent dashboard


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