Puzzel WFM – Release Notes September 5th 2021

The following updates were made to Puzzel WFM in the evening of 5th September 2021. These are categorised as additional features, improvements to existing and bug fixes.

Additional Features

Offline Tasks

Schedule a set amount of admin type work.
Create admin work type queues, specifying the activity to be scheduled for the agents to work on this queue.  Set some scheduling rules such as which activity should be scheduled, how long each activity should last & how many instances can be assigned. 

Set an amount of time to be scheduled for each offline task queue as a forecast.

The scheduler will assign the activity to agents who have the skill to work on the queue. 

New Dashboard Preview

A preview of the new style Dashboards is available from a link on the current Dashboards page.   Available widgets are: Campaign Summary, Forecast Chart, Forecast Stats, Adherence Table.


  • Added services in API - The user tab in people screen, schedule screen and all vacation screens.
  • Schedule Export added to the public API.
  • We have made an improvement in the way that queues are deactivated. Any queue that only has past campaign assignments will be considered deactivated.
    You are now able to directly set an end date for a queue's association with a campaign.  

As such, the button to activate or deactivate a queue have been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Forecasting import call logs functionality.
  • Missing holidays from dropdown in Activity Calendar.
  • Schedule Screen - activities showing wrong color.
  • Contains filter should work with just text.
  • Cannot remove skill set assignment.
  • Screen freeze in Forecast screen.
  • Missing agent id in adherence page.
  • Months out of order and year not displayed on campaign allocation page.
  • Make the schedule export available to the public API.
  • Page freeze on People screen, during creation of a new agent.
  • Planner/People/Agent screen fails to sort by Username column.
  • Schedule Jobs Date Display backwards.
  • Schedule overview not loading shifts from next/previous weeks if required by time zone changes, agent schedule not displaying correctly.
  • Cancelled vacation request message.
  • Shift Assignment message issue.
  • Agent Schedule not displaying COE activities.
  • Date format incorrect on Schedule Locked message.
  • Adherence table on dashboard not auto refreshing.
  • Multiple Filters in Scheduling Overview show wrong results - Overview Filter Error.
  • Theme selection should not use whole URL string.
  • Old data is temporarily preserved during filtering on scheduling overview screen.
  • Intermittently not getting refresh of skill/team/campaign assignments.
  • Adherence Screen Refresh Issues.
  • Wrong data in dashboard forecast chart.
  • System Slow adding Breaks and Lunches to rotational shifts. 
  • Missing shift swap date.
  • Missing hours from holiday booker.
  • Localisation issue in Agent portal Vacation Status.
  • Agent Schedule Overview issue with activities colors.
  • Holidays have Wrong Date Format.
  • Confusing message when requesting Holidays.


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