Release Notes - July 12th 2022

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the July 12th 2022 release. The changes made in this release mainly concern Puzzel Case Management (Puzzel Ticketing).

Ability to search for 'Originator' on the Blacklist

When a system user with access to the settings menu navigates to Settings -> General -> Blacklist, they will now be able to search for a specific 'originator' (email address or phone number), so that they no longer have to browse through the list manually.

Ticket Page - Column Updates

The column previously named 'Last Update' has been renamed to 'Last Inbound Activity'.  The functionality is exactly the same as it was before.  The only change is that the column name is now more descriptive as to what the the date being shown is referring to.

In addition to this, we have added a new column called 'Last Activity' which can be enabled under System -> General -> Account Settings.  This column will record the date at which any activity has occurred on a ticket.

Shorter GDPR Settings Available

It is now possible to set GDPR retention and automatic deletion policies in 'Day(s)' as well as 'Month(s)' and 'Year(s)'.  This is found under Settings -> General -> System Settings

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Fixed a problem where users with relevant access were unable to add attributes to the customer intelligence panel.
  • Updated some incorrect Danish language translations.
  • Updated cache settings on the 'My Performance' widget in the Puzzel Case Management dashboard to improve data loading times.
  • If Auto forwarding is enabled in the inbound routing rules, it will now forward the message from 'your own email address', as configured in the channel settings, rather than from the default channel email address. ie (


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