Release Notes, November 23rd-30th 2023

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the planned release window of November 23rd to November 30th, 2023.

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Sales Intelligence.

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Puzzel Sales Intelligence


  • New service drop-down, now with sub-headers. The first section features your recently accessed admin services
  • Removed the queuing of non-prioritized personal customers when clicking on a specific customer bucket to start work. These customers are accessible via the Personal Queue button.
  • Callbacks for abandoned calls have been removed from My Calendar. They will still be enqueued as high-priority customer cards.
  • Added a project filter to the My Calendar list modal/dialog.
  • Show the owner (project, user, and bucket) in the list presented from My Outcomes.
  • Filter memory for Scrive, My Calendar, CRM, etc., retains your filter settings throughout the entire session.
  • Added minimize and maximize options to some view zones that lacked this feature before.


A new forced preview dialer has been added, featuring a preview of customer details. In this mode, agents receive a preview of customer details, the current status of the customer, and the script. This preview is presented while waiting for the call to start or for the customer to answer. To use this new mode:

  • Select 'Forced Preview' in the telephony settings and set your preferred call delay
  • Ensure that the checkbox for hiding customer cards is not checked.

Customer card

  • UI changes have been implemented to create some more space for customer details in both view and edit modes. Notable adjustments include reducing the height of the Notes component in standard view mode.
  • A new session memory has been introduced to remember your settings for the script and customer information sections in the outcome modal. This feature is visible when creating offers, orders, and bookings.
  • The validation rule for editing and deleting outcomes is now connected to the checkbox in project advanced settings. Allowing changes to historic outcomes ensures that agents can always edit and delete historical outcomes.
  • External web links at the top of the customer card now instantly reload when any customer information is changed.


  • Customer cards in CRM are no longer automatically associated with a user when accessing a common (not user bound) customer card.
  • Introducing the ability to enqueue (create a list) of customer cards directly from the scoreboard list view.
  • Validation changes have been implemented. When using multiple order values, it is now mandatory to set just one of these values.
  • Performance improvements have been made in the CRM process modal.
  • Filter memory in CRM scoreboard.

Various improvements and bug fixes

  • Resolved the issue where international anonymous inbound calls were displayed as "00" in the customer card.
  • Corrected the sorting order for external web links at the top of the customer card.
  • CRM: Fixed loading issues with the new CRM UX as the start page.
  • Addressed problems with displaying large images in the communications log.
  • Improved clarity in order row values. When editing list price and discount, the visible order row price is now more intuitive.
  • Document zone is visible outside CRM when enabled in advanced settings.
  • Fixed headers in the offer modal.
  • CRM: Resolved the problem in CRM where a weight dropdown was displayed instead of a text field.
  • CRM: Fixed invisible order values when not using the main order value.
  • Resolved the issue with mapping recordings to outcomes. Some recordings were previously missing outcome mapping in the recording play list.
  • UI improvements for blocked events in the calendar.




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