Release Notes, October 23rd - 27th 2023

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the planned release window of October 23rd to October 27th, 2023.

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Sales Intelligence.

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Puzzel Sales Intelligence

Dialler overview

We're introducing new features that offer you enhanced ways to monitor your projects in greater detail:

  • Display statistics from all projects
  • View completed/closed customers for today and the current week, on customer bucket level, to gain insights into prospect consumption. 
  • Drill down to view the real-time status of each active agent in a project. 


We are rolling out a variety of fresh dashboard elements for both the wallboard and agent dashboards, including:

  • Scalars and lists for tracking offers
  • New metrics for bookings and meetings
  • Time logs
  • Reasons for 'No, thanks' and 'Error'
  • A new help panel in the dashboard edit service that provides definitions for all dashboard lists.

The dashboard changes include adding new columns to existing components. Refer to the updated help panel for details.


  • A new image preview mode added to Document component for CRM. Click expand to preview images.
  • Improved user interface in CRM event list. 
  • Fix for capital letters in CRM process modal. 

Customer and contact info

  • When clicking a field to edit, focus is now set on that field, not the customer name.
  • UI issue with the call button in the contact list has been resolved.
  • Empty and read-only information fields are always hidden in this new version. 


  • Booking comments per resource and day from "S2 Classic" are now included in the booking calendar. These comments are for administrators to provide instructions or comments to agents.
  • A new filter for seminar bookings has been added, which defaults to showing only future seminars, including those scheduled for today.


  • Reduce the call-back time for abandoned (silent) calls by implementing a new, more intelligent priority system when selecting the agent for the call-back.


  • New feature allows you automatically approve customer deletions in accordance with your GDPR rules by simply checking the checkbox within each rule set. 


  • General user interface improvements have been made to view zones on the start page.
  • An issue with statistics when editing an old outcome has been fixed.
  • Search results are now split into separate tabs for customers and contacts.
  • The "Scrive signatory state" is now visible on the start page, providing detailed information, such as whether an end-customer has opened a document.
  • Restarting of customers from distribution service or from automatic processes includes a timestamp for the restart. 

Puzzel ID

Puzzel ID is one of Puzzel's most recent developments, offering a powerful new identity and access management solution that will work across all Puzzel applications. 

Its several benefits include: 

  • Sign-in with a Puzzel ID and password – and benefit from more flexibility for your account’s security
  • Jump from one application to the next in one click
  • Access organisation settings from any application, quickly and easily
  • Synchronise current organisational users and groups directory

In preparation for Puzzel ID, your administrators will need to review users' email addresses and ensure they have a valid email address linked to their account.


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