Release Notes Puzzel Raw data - April 25th 2023

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the Puzzel Raw data SQL db v1.9 release, which all Raw data customers were upgraded to on Tuesday April 25th 2023.


In this release there are 6 new columns in table call_events that are populated for conversation events (event_type=’c’) for media type Phone (media_type_id=’1’), that might be interesting:


Column name Datatype Description
hold int Number of times the agent clicked ‘Put on hold’ during this conversation event
consult int Number of times the agent clicked ‘Consult’ during this conversation event
leg_type varchar(50) Type of call: Agent, TransferAgent, ConsultAgent, Transfer, Caller
originating varchar(50) Display number used for this call
add_originating varchar(50) Additional calling party number, if sent (usually empty)
caller_on_hold_sec int Number of seconds the caller was on hold due to this agent clicking Put on hold and Consult


The chapter about Call transfer, Consult and Put on hold in the Raw data documentation will be updated shortly after the release.

In addition, in table call_events, the call recording events (event_type=’r’) will from now on include a value for column agent_id. This makes it easier to count recordings per agent.


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