Migration to New Agent Application

A key part of Puzzel's plans to future-proof our platform and product offering is to move all our customers away from our older applications and onto our new Agent Application. We believe that the new Agent Application offers a superior set of features with an improved user experience for both our customers and their agents, and we know that it enables our customers to expand the capabilities of their contact centres and provide their customers with the omni-channel service they are increasingly expecting.

Introduction to the new Agent Application

This document is based on the video below, put together by our Product team. To see the user guide for the new Agent Application, go here.

If the video appears blurry, please increase the quality setting (the cogwheel icon) in the video player to HD-1080p.

Why change to the new Agent Application?

The new Agent Application has been developed and introduced to meet the demands of current and future customer service and technology trends. It enables us to support the increased focus on the whole customer journey, the single view of the customer, and the omni-channel concept. It comes with a modernised UI design and an improved user experience, and complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

It gives you, as a Puzzel customer, the ability to easily integrate external applications, services, and interfaces directly inside the Agent Application's customisable interface, and provides access to a broader - and broadening - selection of social media channels, as well as an ever-expanding selection of other service functionality we could not support in our older applications.

Using Widgets, Puzzel customers can bring the tools their agents need right into the contact centre interface, reducing the need for switching between different screens. Additionally, Widget integrations allow these systems to become context-aware, improving agent workflow by automatically presenting them with the information they need when they need it.

Customers should also keep in mind that as Puzzel seeks to modernise and improve our offering, older systems are being replaced and decommissioned. This includes our older Agent Applications, that are all scheduled for decommissioning within the next two years.

Functionality and migration roadmap

The switch to the new Agent Application will not be immediate, even though many of our customers can - and should - test it and roll it out whenever they want. Any of our customers' agents can log in to https://agent.puzzel.com instead of the old client, but our customers should be aware that there are still some minor gaps in functionality between the different variants of the Agent Application.


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