Release Notes, February 6th 2024


This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the release window of February 6th, 2024.

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Contact Centre.

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Puzzel Contact Centre

Administration Portal

Add new KPI Alarm by copying existing

On page Services - KPI Alarm you can add and edit your KPI alarms. When you create a new KPI alarm, you need to select queue, configure one or more thresholds and add recipients and possibly time limitations. From now on when you want to create a new KPI alarm for a queue, you can copy an existing KPI alarm (on another queue) with all it's configuration and only select queue. This simplifies the creation of new KPI alarms. After a new KPI alarm is saved (based on copy), you can edit thresholds, recipients etc if needed.   


There are no updates on the new Reports page in this release, but as mentioned in the previous release notes, we plan to adjust the format for time duration in downloaded xlsx files when duration is longer than 24 hours, and it's likely that we also will adjust the format in downloaded xlsx files for fields with a date and time (e.g. First logon, Last logoff), since the new format is a bit different from what's used on the old page. 

If you can not wait for these adjustments on the new Reports page, you can still access the old page by using URL 

The user guide for the new Reports page can be found here.


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