Release Notes, June 13th 2023

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the release of June 13th, 2023.

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Contact Centre, Puzzel Case Management and Puzzel Workforce Management. 

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Puzzel Contact Centre

Puzzel Admin Portal

Dashboard improvements

In a Dashboard widget for real-time Queue information and real-time Agent information you have so far only been able to select 1 column/parameter and lots of queues/agents if you wanted to show it as a chart (visual type bar/line/area). With more than 1 column selected you could choose between Table and Label. From now on you can select to show it as a chart (bar/line/area) also when you have selected more than 1 column.

In addition, there are some other smaller updates on the Dashboard page:

  • The queues shown in the Select Queue list-box are now sorted alphabetically
  • To reduce misunderstandings about what different numbers mean we have removed the option in the Preferences popup to change the name of column headers (like Ready, Offered, Answered, Wrap-up etc) in tables, since these headers are also used other places showing the same numbers. You can still reorder columns and adjust appearance in the Preference popup.
  • Improved several Norwegian texts.


For partner users we have now made it possible to add new Dialler campaigns on page Services -> Dialler for customers ‘belonging’ to the partner, where the customer already has a working Dialler service.

Puzzel Case Management

Feature to prevent automatic loading of image thumbnails and inline images

We are thrilled to announce a new enhancement in the Puzzel Case Management application, empowering admin users with the ability to control the automatic loading of image thumbnails and inline images. This feature offers enhanced flexibility and customisation options for your ticketing system.

Admin users now have the capability to enable or disable the automatic loading feature within their Puzzel Case Management account. When automatic loading is disabled, agents will have a dedicated button within each ticket, allowing them to request the loading of inline images on-demand. This ensures a seamless user experience while giving agents control over the content they view.

To learn more about configuring and utilising this powerful feature, please refer to our detailed user guide. Visit this link to access the user guide and gain comprehensive insights on configuring this feature within your account.

We believe this new feature enhancement will significantly enhance your Puzzel Case Management experience, granting you greater control over image loading while improving agent productivity. Don't hesitate to explore this feature and tailor it to your specific requirements.

Enhanced Theme for Puzzel Contact Centre Integration

We are excited to introduce the enhanced theme feature for the Puzzel Contact Centre Integration in Puzzel Case Management. With this setting enabled, agents accepting email requests through the Puzzel Contact Centre will experience a visually cohesive style that aligns with the overall look and feel of the platform.

To set up and configure the enhanced theme, please refer to our comprehensive setup guide available at this link. The guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to optimise your user experience and leverage the benefits of this new feature.

We believe that enabling the enhanced theme for Puzzel Contact Centre Integration will elevate your user experience, ensuring a more streamlined and visually consistent environment. Explore this feature and enjoy a seamless integration across the Puzzel platform.

When agents accept cases via the Puzzel Contact Centre and then subsequently opens Puzzel Case Management in a separate browser tab, the updated styling will persist during the user session.  This enhancement is only recommended for users who exclusively manage cases within the Puzzel Contact Centre.

Set Default Notes and Message Forwards to Public

We are delighted to introduce a powerful new feature in the Puzzel Case Management application that allows you to set default notes and message forwards to be visible through authenticated API channels or the Puzzel Customer Hub application.

When the "Set Default Notes to Public" setting is enabled, any notes added to tickets will be visible to authenticated API channels or end customers using the Puzzel Customer Hub application. Please note that the recommended setting for this feature is disabled, unless you have a specific use case that requires public visibility of notes.

Similarly, with the "Set Default Message Forwards to Public" setting enabled, any forwarded messages and replies to forwards will be visible through authenticated API channels or the Puzzel Customer Hub application. We recommend keeping this setting disabled unless you have a specific use case that necessitates public visibility of message forwards.

For detailed instructions on how to set up and configure these new features, please refer to our comprehensive setup guide available at this link. The guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to optimise your workflow and ensure the appropriate visibility of notes and message forwards.

We believe that the addition of these settings will enhance your ticket management capabilities, allowing you to customise the visibility of notes and message forwards based on your specific requirements. Take advantage of these features to streamline your communication and maintain control over the information shared with your customers.

Enhanced NPS Service Integration on a Per-Team Basis

We are excited to introduce an enhanced feature in the Puzzel Case Management application, providing admin users with increased flexibility in integrating NPS services such as 'Puzzel Customer Insight,' 'Indicate.Me,' or 'WheelQ' on a per-team basis.

Previously, NPS service integration was set globally across the application. However, with this new enhancement, admin users can now customise NPS integration settings for each team individually. This means you have the freedom to choose which teams should trigger an NPS request from a resolved ticket and configure specific settings per team, such as the delay time after resolution and the sampling percentage.

From a Puzzel Customer Insight perspective, this feature also allows you to assign different survey templates to each Puzzel Case Management team. This customisation ensures that each team can gather feedback using a tailored survey template that aligns with their unique requirements.

You can access the new settings from Settings -> Integrations -> (NPS Service Provider).

We believe that this enhanced feature will greatly enhance your NPS management capabilities, providing you with the flexibility to tailor NPS settings on a per-team basis. Explore this new feature and leverage its power to gather valuable customer feedback and drive continuous improvement across your organisation.

For more information relating to our wonderful new Puzzel Customer Insight survey service visit this link. 

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Update to API documentation (removing irrelevant code from an example)
  • Implemented a more efficient and streamlined reporting experience by excluding 'Manual Entry Categories' and 'Manual Entry Category Values' from the report output when generating a 'category' report or any other report (excluding the 'Ticket Performance Report') broken down by 'Category'.  This addresses a bug where if the reports contained a huge amount of category data, it was causing the report generation to fail to generate.

We are also making a change to the system architectural to further enhance the speed and stability of report generation which as an additional measure to the above.  This is due to be deployed in the next release window.

Puzzel Workforce Management

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a forecast instance would time out
  • Incorrect assigned FTE figures when an activity overlapped an all day holiday
  • Recalculating the statistics for a week would only recalculate for a day


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