Accounts Settings is an option under Settings where general controls and display views are setup.

Tickets Page

Columns to Display under Tickets Page is a section where you can choose the columns you want to display in the Tickets Page.

Categories to Display controls which columns are displayed in the Ticket table.

 On the Tickets page, you can sort the tickets in ascending or descending order on the selected column, listed in the drop down menu of Sort Tickets by option.


You can turn on/off some key features in the Features section.

Feature Description
Address Book Allows or denies access to the Company Address Book. Company Address Book can be accessed by everyone in the system when ON
In-App Notifications Allows or denies access to the in app notifications in the top right corner of the application as shown : in app notification
Emojis Allows or denies access to emojis in the text editors in Puzzel Case Management
Redact Credit Card Numbers 

Allows or denies redaction of credit card numbers. When ON, if a credit card number is received in message content into Puzzel Case Management,  it will automatically be redacted so that the agent cannot read this content. The card number cannot be retrieved in the future once redacted.

Numbers are redacted if they are a minimum of 12 digits long and a maximum of 19 digits long, and have a proper prefix that matches an IIN range of an issuing network like Visa or MasterCard. Further to this, numbers are only redacted if they have a valid Luhn checksum and match a pattern for a known credit card type.  The numbers can either be a single continuous string of digits, or in digits groups matching a known credit card type.

Example: Visa cards are 4 groups of 4 digits, XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. 4111 1111 1111 1111 is a number that matches the Visa pattern (starts with 4) and passes Luhn checksum.

There is a relatively small chance of false positives of occurring when this feature is enabled.

Complaints ON/OFF complaints advanced workflows

Ticket Workflow

Property Description
Status Changes When OFF users can only change ticket status by reply & resolve or reply & pending options when replying to tickets. When ON ticket status can be manually updated and saved
Require a Reason for  Status Change Optional. When reason(s) are entered into box it is necessary to include a reason to be able to make a status  change. As many reason options can be included as desired


Allowed IP addresses : When an IP address is included access to Puzzel Case Management is lock down to the IP address(s) included in this field. A work around is to use work from home option for users to enable  access outside of the IP range.


You can ensure data is not removed unintentionally whilst also making sure that data is not kept for longer than necessary from a GDPR perspective.

Property Description
Retention Period Time duration for which tickets must be retained before it can be removed. Tickets cannot be deleted from PT if they are still within the set Retention Period
Automatic Deletion Period Time duration for which tickets are to be kept before it is automatically removed from the system. Any tickets older than the set period is removed daily
Retention Period Time duration for which customer data is retained before it is removed from the system. Customers cannot be removed if they still have associated tickets. You will be able to see a list of all deleted customers by going into Customers->Deleted from the main menu. Here you can find the User who removed the Customer, the time & date they were removed, a Customer reference number and partially redacted email address.
Automatic Deletion Period Time duration for which data is to be kept before it is automatically removed from the system. Any tickets older than the set period is removed daily


Timezone:  Select the timezone for the account. Only one timezone can be set per account.


The font style and size can be changed. This will apply to Notes, Replies (unless a template) and follow up. Please note that the font size in Puzzel Case Management is PX (Pixel) measurement which is best practise for web applications. Mail editors tend to use PT (Point) so conversion sizes should be verified.


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