Release Notes, March 5th/6th 2024

This article provides an overview of changes and additional features included in the planned release window of March 5th and 6th, 2024.

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Contact Centre, Puzzel Case Management and Puzzel Workforce Management.

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Please read here Puzzel's latest announcement on Google Chrome 3rd Party Cookies Policy Changes

Puzzel Contact Centre

Administration Portal 

Smaller improvements and fixes
  • On page Services – Queues, in the Display queue settings part, if you enter something in the Filter input field, we will from now on look for match in column ‘Display queue name’, not only in column ‘Consist of these system queues’.
  • On page Services – Queues, in the Display queue settings part, if you have hundreds of queues and you wanted to change a Display queue name or add a new one, the page was very slow. This should now work much better.
  • On page Archive - Search, if you opened a multi-select list box (e.g. for Access points, Queue or Agents) and you started to type something in the Filter input field, focus was lost if you by accident moved the mouse pointer, so that the next character you entered was not registered in the Filter. This is now fixed.
  • On page Services – Silent monitoring, when you ordered a new Silent monitoring (listen to agent x’s call(s) with me/another user as the listener), we showed this new silent monitoring request and other users’ silent monitoring requests (if any) for a few seconds, and then we showed only your own Silent monitoring request(s) after some seconds. This bug is fixed, so now we only show you own Silent monitoring request(s).


Puzzel Workforce Management

  • The option to Save New to agent filtering (Adherence preview pages & Scheduling > Month) will be added following the scheduled release. If you are modifying an saved filter, you can save this as a new filter without affecting the original filter
  • The option to allow Integration Gateway user access to /api/RealTimeImport is also part of the planned release. Authenticating through API with an application user (see now gives access to all WFM endpoints.
  • Planners will now be able to show agents which holiday activities they have scheduled. Agent Portal > Holidays > Overview > Scheduled now has a column to show which holiday activity is booked

Various bug fixes are also part of the planned release:

  • Absence time still included in Unsocial Time Payroll Report
  • Rounding in Adherence Report Export File
  • Shifts & Activities are displayed at the wrong time on DST transition days on Agent Dashboard My Schedule
  • Can't delete a site that has opening hours defined
  • Dark Mode – various corrections
  • Setting an end date on a WFM agent deletes the shift assigned on the end date
  • Unable to create a holiday on activity calendar when there is already an activity on the schedule
  • Can't delete forecast instance
  • Shift swap pop up not loading

Puzzel Case Management

API Enhancements

The following features have now been added to the Puzzel Case Management consumer API.

  • List all available tags
  • List all available categories
  • Retrieve all selectable options from a category
  • Ticket Search using values stored in manual entry category or form fields

On the day of the release, we will update our API documentation to reflect the latest enhancements. You can easily access this updated documentation by navigating to (Help -> API Documentation) from within your Puzzel Case Management instance.

If API access has not yet been enabled on your account and you wish to utilise this powerful feature, we encourage you to submit a support request ticket. Our team is ready to enable your access and assist with any questions you may have to ensure a smooth and effective integration.

Activity Logs

With the latest update, additional logging has been integrated under (Activity -> Integrations). This new feature meticulously records any changes made in the system by users interacting with our supported third-party integrations.

This enhancement introduces an additional layer of transparency, providing clear visibility into who is making changes to the system. This advancement ensures a more secure and traceable environment, empowering you with greater control and insight into your operational workflows.

System Enhancements and Bug Fixes


  • Puzzel ID Authentication support for Puzzel Case Management / Puzzel Contact Center solutions: We have introduced support for Puzzel ID authentication, ensuring a more secure and seamless login experience. This integration enhances the overall security framework and streamlines access across the Puzzel ecosystem.

  • Refined User Interface for Team Management: We have addressed and resolved an intermittent issue that resulted in duplicate teams being displayed within the "Tickets waiting in your teams" widget. This update ensures a cleaner and more accurate representation of team workloads, enhancing user experience and team coordination.

  • Improved Email Functionality: We have rectified a niche issue where outbound emails failed to send due to the presence of CR (Carriage Return) or LF (Line Feed) line breaks in the 'To:' address field. This fix ensures smoother communication and reduces the likelihood of missed correspondence.

  • Optimised Auto-Reply Logic: In response to user feedback, we have updated the system logic to avoid using the 'return-path' address for sending auto-replies when both the 'To:' and 'From:' fields contain the same email address. This adjustment prevents confusion and ensures auto-replies are more accurately directed, enhancing communication clarity and effectiveness.


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