Puzzel catalog sync configuration for Azure AD

Catalog synchronization is a process of syncing the contacts and appointments from an external source into the Puzzel catalog. This provides the agent with a view of all available contacts and appointments. While it is possible to manually add the contacts in the Admin portal, it would be easier to sync the appointments and contacts automatically at regular intervals. This facilitates the user to have an up to date roster at all times.

Puzzel has developed an application for syncing contacts and calendars into the Puzzel Catalog, which is hosted in Puzzel's environment. Contacts can be retrieved from the Active Directory, while calendars can be retrieved from different sources.

This feature is only for pure cloud Azure Active Directory environments.

This application is called the Puzzel Catalog Sync and can be used by organisations that want to make their data available to internal or external switchboard services using the Catalog.

The Catalog Sync is installed in the customer's environment and sends data to Puzzel over an encrypted connection using HTTPS. Throughout this document, the application may be referred to as Puzzel Catalog Sync or simply the sync client.

The Sync Application is available as a .msi file that you can download here:

Please note that we have recently released Puzzel Catalog Sync (Azure)1.2.0 version which uses latest Microsoft Graph API and new Puzzel authentication service.  We encourage all our existing customers to download 1.2.0 version of the client and make necessary changes in the Azure environment [please refer to the Set up permissions section of the Setting up the application in Azure AD article to know more].


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