Release Notes, August 8th/9th

The changes made in this release concern Puzzel Contact Centre, Puzzel Case Management, Puzzel Customer Hub and Puzzel Workforce Management. 

Note that some of these features may require a customised set-up before they can be activated. In addition, some features may have a set-up and/or monthly cost element associated to it. 

Puzzel Contact Centre

Puzzel Agent Application

Introducing "My Call Recordings"

A new feature, available on the Puzzel Agent Application, will allow agents to access the "My Call Recordings" tab, through a dedicated widget, and listen to call recordings from the past 90 days. 

This is configurable from the Puzzel Admin Portal.

This functionality will need to be enabled by Puzzel.

For more information, please see the relevant user guide.

Puzzel Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase Management System

News and Announcements

We have added support for you to create news and announcement articles so that these are presented in special categories. News articles are similar to regular articles and are also searchable. These news articles are managed in a dedicated 'News' Category accessible from the main menu.

Announcement articles are managed in a dedicated 'Announcement' menu and are not searchable. These are intended to be used for important information that should be presented in a prominent way.

For more information on this, please see the relevant user guide.

Knowledgebase Widget

News and Announcements

News and Announcement articles published from the admin are listed under the new menu items in the widget. 

Notifications list of latest news and announcements

We have added a notification bell icon in the widget which lists the most recent ten articles from the news and announcement category.

Announcement banner

We have added a banner at the bottom of the Knowledgebase widget with the most recent announcement article. The banner pops up when the widget is loaded, and can be dismissed for users current session.

For relevant information, please see the updated user guide.

Customer Insight

We are adding new survey type templates for you to build more surveys to gather customer feedback.

Custom Survey Reporting and visualisation

The Custom template allows you to build surveys with any combination of questions, ratings or scales.

PMF Survey Reporting and visualisation

Product/Market Fit (PMF) template allows you to build surveys that helps you to learn valuable insights about your customers in your market, their wants and needs, and the important areas your business can focus on for growth.

CES Survey Reporting and visualisation

Reducing the customer effort is an important driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty, its also closely tied to improving your resolution time for service desk tickets. The Customer Effort Score (CES) survey template can help to measure customer effort, calculate CES scores, and help you to take steps to improve.


For more information on the new templates, please see the relevant user guide.

For more information on the new reporting and analytics, please see the relevant user guide.

Throttling Surveys

We have introduced settings per survey to allow you to set limits on the number of surveys that can be sent to a single customer within a defined period of time.

For more information, please see the relevant user guide.

General improvements

We have made several small improvements in the survey designer, conditional logic, reporting and visualisation screens.

Puzzel Case Management & Puzzel Customer Hub

  • In response to the recent DKIM email signing challenges introduced by changes in Amazon SES's system logic since August 1st, we've developed an internal workaround within our Puzzel Case Management application. We're pleased to announce that this solution, which addresses intricate scenarios related to the DKIM signing of 'To:', 'Reply-To:' and 'From:' fields have been addressed in this release.
  • Puzzel Case Management tenants located in the Oslo Data Centre are now able to support the Puzzel Customer Hub.
  • Fixed a bug where a customers who is designated with Puzzel Customer Hub access to 10 or more organisations, was causing the Puzzel Customer Hub login process to fail.

Puzzel Workforce Management 

The ability to import a forecast from a file is part of the planned release. 


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