My Call Recordings tab

"My Call Recordings" is a tab that allows agents to access recordings of their calls in the last 90 days, given that call recordings are stored at least 90 days in the Archive.

The tab can be configured from the Admin Portal (for detailed instructions on how to add tabs from the Admin Portal please see the relevant user guide here). Read here how to access the relevant tabs on the Agent Application.

This tab will need to be made available by Puzzel Support.

"My Call Recordings" opens the following screen, which allows you to:

  1. Filter the timeframe for which you would like to see call recordings, including timestamps
  2. Search for calls from specific phone numbers
  3. See an overview of the call recordings, including the phone number that the call originated from or was made to, the queue, the date and time as well as the duration of the call

Please note that if a call from agent-1 to agent-2 was recorded (since 'forced' recording was configured on agent-1), it's only shown in the My Call recordings tab for agent1. 


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