The knowledgebase tab can be used to seek information on a product/service. You can casually flip through the top-rated articles to enhance your knowledge while on a break or look for relevant articles during customer interaction. The top articles are always listed in the centre panel when the tab is first opened.

This tab is only made available if you have subscribed to the Agent Assist knowledgebase package.

The main menu of the Knowledgebase tab has three items:

  1. Top Articles
  2. Announcements
  3. News

Top Articles

For any incoming request, the articles are automatically skimmed based on queue the request is coming from and you will be presented with all relevant articles associated to the queue. You can also manually search for articles under a category/section. By default, auto search is turned on.

It is possible that an article can have numerous diverse tags attached to it, a couple of which are displayed at the top. You can get a complete view of all the tags by clicking on the VIEW ALL TAGS option on the right.

You can also view article from different languages by selecting the language options from the drop down menu as shown in the picture below. All articles from the selected languages will be listed for the agents to view.

The contents of the article can also be copied into a clipboard for it to be used elsewhere or stored locally by clicking on the  icon on the top right corner of the article.

The article containing the attachments will have an attachment icon with the number of attachments available for the article at the top.

You can see a list of all attachments available by clicking on the icon. You can either download it or copy the link to send it to yourself or to the customer. There is also a related articles section at the bottom of the article if other articles in the Knowledgebase has been linked to it.

The agents can also send article suggestions to the admins to be included in the Knowledgebase Management System by pressing the  icon next to the search bar. This will bring up suggest article window where you can enter the title and content for the article as shown in the picture below.

Click on Send to see a sent confirmation dialog box.

The bell icon to the top of the menu allows quick access to a dropdown of the ten latest news and announcement articles. Announcements are indicated by a megaphone icon.


Announcements are used for ad hoc messages  to be communicated quickly. They can not be searched but are indexed in chronological order.

The most recent announcement appears as a banner on the Agent Application. To remove it, simply click the close button. 


News articles appear in the menu to the right of the Knowledgebase tab, and they contain new relevant for agents. They can be searched as other article types and sorted.



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