Why am I not getting any email notifications from WFO?

The Puzzel WFO can be set by the local administrator to send notifications via email for changes that occur in the system, to inform users of changes that affect them. Some examples of these types of notification include:

  • Schedule changes (WFM)
  • Status changes in time off, shift swap and shift request and change requests(WFM)
  • Batch notifications for status changes for requests for managers (WFM)
  • Reminders for upcoming scheduled activities (WFM)
  • Alerts onreal-time statistics such as Service Leveldeviations from forecasted/required (WFM)
  • Adherence notifications (WFM)
  • Notifications for Category Hits, changes in Category or Termtrends and volumes (Speech Analytics)
  • Reminders and notifications for coaching andlesson assignments (Coaching/eLearning)
  • Scorecard notifications for KPIs out of range and notes added (Performance Management)

In order for anyone to receive an email notifications for any of these examples, the useronly needsa correctemail account that can receive external emails added to their WFO profile.


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